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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by deast, Apr 4, 2009.

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    How do I send email addresses in an email? I wanted to send my family some addresses so they could email more family in an evite invitation. I'm not using my mighty mouse anymore. I use a Targus one as I have arthritis and it's scrolls much easier. I don't think that makes a difference does it? I thought it was a right click and it would high light the address, and the person who receives it can just click on it. I use Hotmail and Roadrunner email. I have accounts in Gmail and Yahoo as well, but rarely use them, unless one of my main ones aren't working. What do I do, or what do I have to have in order to click and high light the address? I tried sending links as well and can't get them sent so others can click on them and open it as well. I've used the insert link box and it hasn't worked. I could do this on my pc I have sitting over there collecting dust but not on my imac.
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    The easiest way is to simply send your main recipient an email with all the other addresses cc'd. The recipient can then just Reply All, or add each email address to their Address Book individually.

    Alternatively, use Address Book to Export your Address Book Archive to your desktop, then email that .abbu file to your friend. Note however that this will send everyone in your address book, no exceptions.

    You can also just drag-and-drop individual names from your Address Book into a new email message and they'll attach as individual vCards, which your friend can then selectively drag-and-drop into his/her Address Book.

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