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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Smith Paul, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Feb 16, 2013
    hello guys,
    I need some information regarding web devlopment and web designing. how to get information about stages of creating user friendly website.and plase give your opinion about this topic and share your knowledge regarding web designing so it will be easier for me to understand.
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    Dec 7, 2007
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    From a professional perspective it kind of happens like this for a given project:

    1) Discuss with client basic requirements in design, roles/users/workflow for publication and content distribution (feeds, social networking, API's, basic SEO, domain registration and hosting)
    2) Create wireframe to outline pages, columns, regions and widgets
    3) Once approved, comps are created - a combination of wireframe and placeholder content styled to represent rendered pages in a mockup format. Comps also include details about site, page level, widget level behavior as annotations for ease of reading and comprehension.
    4) Local development (CMS setup if any) and design (initial styling) - commit changes to a repo using version control such as GIT or SVN
    5) Staging preview to client
    6) Revisions (back to step 4 as long as it takes)
    7) Production release

    This is, of course, a high level view.

    Within each step is always documentation (get it in writing, get it approved in writing) and lots of discussion with the client to ensure minimal delays due to misunderstandings. Always use version control for backups, sharing of code in a project group and for ease of code distribution, testing and rollback.

    KEY POINT: These steps help you to determine priorities and order of mores detailed development tasks such as when to collect data for the DB, when to use templates for styling, when to set up roles in the CMS and so on. No project works exactly the same way, in my experience.

    8) Collect $ and deposit and feed the kids


    Most DIY's or developers who literally do it all might combine steps, but the basic talk/write it down/local build/staging preview/production publish is about as basic as it gets. Using repo's and creating wireframes/comps is a more professional approach that clients appreciate and of course to prevent miscommunication and keep projects well organized. And to legally protect you because before all this is done --- USE A CONTRACT.

    I will allow others to break it down further, I'm just starting off the conversation. And remember -- the way that works best for YOU is the right way, consider all this advice "by the book". The real world is not so orderly!
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    Nov 28, 2012
    Excellent, excellent post SrWD.

    My discussion points:

    You'll have to google "user friendly website design" to get the low down on the generally accepted web practices. Read more than one site too, as I'm sure there will be variations.

    It will also depend on your geographic area's regulations (Europe re:cookies, age restrictions, etc). Further, you'll want to identify the target market for the site(s) ... people use all kinds of devices (big screens, little screens, slow/fast internet, smart phones). You'll want to design to make as many potential surfers happy as possible... pro tip: what does the boss use?

    Not enough time for that, but ...

    a) look up "award winning websites 20xx", "web design trends 20xx" to get a feel for what (someone) thinks is/was hot in a given year. You should walk away inspired.

    b) try to match up the personality of the business with the website ... a lawyer's site will be drastically different than a personal trainer's.

    c) a wise man once told me, as I was starting out, "charge double whatever you think the time will be to complete the project". Yep.

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