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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by TheDarkEnforcer, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Hello MacRumors Members,

    I'm looking on any information available about potentially moving a virtual machine that I currently have via Parallels to the BootCamp system because the Parallels system is too much of a resource drain on my already "small" MacBook Air.

    How i think it might work is that I create a backup in the Parallels virtual machine, save the backup to an external hard drive, delete the Parallels program and its windows partition, set up a new windows partition and virtual machine in BootCamp, then restore the new virtual machine from the backup on the hard drive.

    The thing is I dont know how/if a windows partition created using Parallels can be removed, how big a backup file is, and whether or not the Parallels backup will 'take' in the new BootCamp environment.

    Can anyone who is knowledgeable about either the Parallels or Bootcamp systems to suggest a path that I could take to make this transition from Parallels to BootCamp possible?

    Thanks to anyone who responds to this thread with any helpful information, and I wish MacRumors Forums another successful year.

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    FYI #1, Parallels doesn't create a partition for VMs, the HDD is virtualized as well. It's just a .pvm file (that's a container) with the HDD (an .hdd file) and the machine config files, etc. I move VMs around all the time to different drives (and run them from different drives) by simply copying the .pvm file.

    FYI #2, you can actually run a Parallels VM from a Bootcamp install, so once you get BC up and running, if you want, you can also fire it up virtually on occasion.

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