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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by TrailerTrish, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. TrailerTrish, Aug 25, 2012
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    So my current car stereo is dead anyway and I'll have to replace it, and when I do I want something with a jack I can just plug my iPhone 3G into with a cable and play my music on. I don't need bluetooth, or anything fancy, I just want a jack in the new stereo that I can plug a .3.5mm (?) cable into and play my phone's music on. I don't want to go the FM transmitter route, that doesn't work so well and the sound quality doesn't make it.

    Does anyone know of a cheap car stereo that has a jack I can just plug my phone into? Currently I'm using a pair of iHome speakers velcro'd to my dash and plugged into my phone on a holder for my car stereo. I'd like better sound than that.

    I don't care about radio, I never listen to it anyway, hate the commercials, I just want to hear my own music over my car speakers off my iPhone.

    Thankyouverymuch :D
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  3. TrailerTrish, Aug 25, 2012
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    Hey, thank you for that! It's pretty cool that it would keep the phone charged, and that made me wonder, is there a car stereo that can do this and... with, like, 4 powered USB ports in it??? Oh gosh, next I want an iPad and a 2tb drive in my car with all my music, movies, and tv shows on it... okay they won't fit in 2tb, but if I can get one drive in there maybe I can get all six in there.... can I just connect the iPad to the drives or do I need to put a Mac Mini in there too?

    Wow, that would be truly groovy!

    Geeking out here....
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    you can get what you want starting at about $100 and yes USb is the way to go this way to if the 5 does come out with a new mini jack it will still sync and work. pioneer, jvc, Kenwood Dennon they all make them just pick style brand and features. I know there are several threads here reviewing car stereo's
  5. cvaldes, Aug 25, 2012
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    I've never heard of a car stereo head unit with four USB ports; if there was one, it would undoubtedly be very expensive as it would be a pretty unique device.

    My suggestion is for you to get a dual-port cigarette lighter USB charger. Here's the one I have:


    The 1 amp port on the bottom is good enough to charge an iPhone, the 2.1 amp port on the top will handle an iPad (which draws more current). One advantage to having something like this versus a stereo head unit with four-ports is that this inexpensive device can be relocated to a different charger in your car, or taken with you when you travel.

    When you are traveling, you'll find that many rental cars have AUX IN for a standard 3.5mm plug. You can use a separate cable, but this is actually better:


    (or similar cable) because it takes the higher-quality line-out audio from the dock connector rather than tapping the audio from the headphone port (which has a poor amplifier).

    If you want to use something like a MacBook in your car, you are better off getting a voltage inverter and using your standard AC adapter, rather than buying a dedicated cigarette lighter charger for your computer.


    unless you travel heavily with your notebook and need to use it in rental cars a lot.

    The inverter naturally lets you plug in a wide variety of appliances (within the power output of the unit).

    Don't watch movies while you drive. It's dangerous. Naturally, there are ways to cram lots of media into a mobile A/V system, it's really how much money you want to spend to do so (and how big your vehicle is).
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    There are a TON of options out there. Take your pick whether you go with 3.5mm aux in, USB or an iPod/iPhone interface.
  7. greenchiliman macrumors 6502

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    Search crutchfield.com for stereos for your specific car, features, and price. They also provide instructions and any connectors you need to install.
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    If i want to do what you are doing, I would simply use this and go all out.

    click here

    I have loved my old pioneer Head Unit and would recommend this newer one to anyone!
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    Get a caravan so you can have tons of USB ports, TV, Xbox 360.....

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