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Apr 20, 2006
I've had this idea in my head since earlier this year but haven't had the chance to actually attempt to get it started. What I want to do is raise money for new computers which would be donated to needy schools all around the world. I have many ideas on how the get the money (school functions, events, websites, etc) but don't really know who to give the money to. Even helping just one school would be enough.

I contacted the OLPC foundation but didn't receive a reply from them. I may contact Dell and see what they say. Not too sure about Apple as they don't really have any cheap computers (<$300-400).

Anyone have any tips on how to get this started?

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May 19, 2002
Without a corporate structure, the tax id numbers, state and federal paperwork, and getting things straight with the IRS so you become an "approved charity" there isn't any reason for companies to talk to you.

Otherwise they are not getting their tax write off.

Unlike individuals, accountants and lawyers of companies tend to check up on a charitable organization's tax status before writing or donating, and tend to avoid the individuals wallet first donation tendencies.

Heck a business plan and due diligence package are also likely in your future.


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Apr 26, 2006

In West Europe (and I suspect the USA) companies like Dell, HP, etc. already have "end of life" schemes set up for old PCs, in compliance with environmental law. Retailers are also involved in the process of getting the clients to turn in the used appliance when buying a new one and everyone is happy as the old PCs/mobile phones/dishwashers are either prepared for a new sale or scrapped and recycled.

You might enjoy having a role in getting your local community to get people to gather all the e-junk in one place (your school, your council, ..), then have the recycling company pick everything up, evaluate the goods and write a nice check for your school to spend buying new Macs :) or books for the library.

the company I used to work for did this for mobile phones: www.fonebak.com
I'm aware of one company that does this for computers: www.flection.com
I'm sure there's plenty others, particularly in the printer consumables industry.

good luck.


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Aug 7, 2006
I have always wanted to start a charity or not for profit organisation that helps the homeless.

How it would work is that the homeless would come off the street and be given clothes and lodging in-exchange for work as well as a wage. They would be trained and employed by the not for profit orginisation/chairty. What roles they would be employed in would be cleaning the rooms, washing the bedding, fairly mundane and rudimentary roles but it would give them experience as well as skills they could then use to find better jobs. Another idea is that education could be provided.

Basically the organisation would be set up as a business. The employees would be homeless. The money would come from donations as well as providing services for the community. The services provided would be e.g. the cleaning business, cleaning offices in the city after hours.

This is just a immature dream at the moment but hopefully the details could be worked out and it could become successful.