Want to stop password encrypting future iPhone 6 Plus backups; Can't Remember Passswd

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    In iTunes (on PC), the option "Automatically Back Up - (to) This Computer" is selected, and "Encrypt iPhone Backup" is ticked.

    I don't remember the password for my old backups, but that's okay because I won't need any of them. I would just like to either...

    A. reset to a new password for all future backups of this iPhone. "Change Password" demands the old password, which I don't remember.


    B. Completely disable password protection for this iPhone's backups. If I ever need it in the future, then I'll deal with it at that time.

    Remember, I don't need to access any backups taken before today, and once the password is reset, I'll take a fresh backup of my iPhone.

    Can anybody advise me?
  2. rigormortis, Nov 27, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    first thing you should try is erase all your old backups and make a new backup thats not encrypted

    i think the last thing you do is try to set it up as new or restore it as a new iPhone

    you can keep backing up to it, but you will need the password when you restore it

    If you can't remember the password and want to start again, you must perform a full software restore and choose set up as a new device when iTunes prompts you to select the backup from which to restore.

    the thing with iphones is you can only sync one device to one iTunes library at a time
    you can backup to any computer running iTunes.
    maybe try backing the iPhone to another computer running iTunes. with no encryption. or maybe do an icloud backup. erase all your encrypted backups. do a full software restore of the iPhone on the computer you forgot the password too

    and then after that is done you can go back to the other computer and restore the other backup or restore it from iCloud

    whatever you SYNC is NOT IN YOUR BACKUP(movies tv shows music ). make sure you SYNC YOUR PHOTOS AND ALL YOUR VIDEOS

    if its a mac, the iPhone backup password might be in the keychain???? i couldn't find it. i looked a little bit

    turn on iCloud keychain so your passwords are kept safe from you erasing your iPhone
    when you sync your iPhone to iTunes, make sure you select "transfer purchases" so it takes anything you purchased on the phone as well as all your apps and copies them to iTunes,. this will also overwrite all your apps in your tunes library with copies you updated on the iPhone

    my niece forgot her iPad backup password. i wanted to restore it because the iPad was glitchy., and i was stuck.
    i did that forgot iCloud backup password dance. and the only thing i lost was the iPad's keychain. because iPad keychain was not on. meaning the only thing she lost was the keychain that holds all the web passwords, app passwords and wifi passwords

    bottom line: you can backup to 100 computers. but you can only sync content with one
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    Jun 11, 2009
    the reason why you want your iphone backup encrypted to iTunes is because
    itunes will restore the iPhone's secure keychain (holding web passwords, app passwords and wifi passwords ) to a different iPhone

    if you do not encrypt, then the secure keychain is restored to the same device only.

    but since we now have filevault 2 and iCloud keychain, the importance of backing up your keychain to iTunes in an encrypted backup is somewhat unnecessary

    but a lot of people don't trust apple, or any company storing your passwords on their servers.
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    May 6, 2014
    You can't do that unless you know the password. That's because you can't turn off the encryption without the password. It sounds crazy but is true. All one can do is a restore as new (as long as the AppleID password is known) and then sync apps, music, etc from iTunes... but the settings are gone.
  5. rigormortis, Dec 1, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    okay. i tried that you were right.
    even though i never backed up this iPad to this mac mini have, i was still able to load iPhoto and import photos. all i needed was to unlock the passcode on the iPad

    back up to iCloud
    turn on iCloud keychain
    sync iphone to itunes
    transfer purchases <-- this copies stuff you PAID for in your itunes library

    import photos and videos to iPhoto

    erase iphone
    good as new

    u will only lose text messages

    before backing up to iCloud , maybe pay the $5 a month for 200 gigs at first
    so it will backup more maybe it will back up text messages and al the attachments you sent in those messages
    if you pay for 200 gb

    anything in your library that is SYCNED to the iPhone can be totally erased from that iPhone. who cares. because you synced your media and apps to it.

    anything you purchased needs to be "transferred" to itunes or it will not be in your backup!!
    and once your iPhone is erased, that purchased content (or non purchased content like mp3s )will just be synced again
    your encrypted back up does not contain apps, music, tv shows, movies, videos!!!!!!!! that stuff is synced!
    regardless of your back up is encrypted or not, you can still copy pictures to iPhoto!!!!!

    if you are running iOS 7 all you have to do is connect it to computer and your DCIM folder will be visible and finder/exploerer and you can just drag it to make sure to copy everything

    if you are on iOS 8 then you need to use iPhoto to import all your pictures and videos

    you can import those pictures or videos to practically any mac using iPhoto you are not prevented simply because your back up is encrypted. its the passcode that protects your crap.

    if you used another utility, and not itunes to copy songs or videos to that iPhone, then you are probably screwed and thats what you get for not using itunes

    anything you bought is yours. if you paid for the apps or if you paid for those tv shows. apple keeps them
    forever. even stuff apple removed

    books. well yeah you might lose books if you don't transfer them

  6. rigormortis macrumors 68000


    Jun 11, 2009
    my iPhone 6 has
    4.69 gigs of music
    4 gb of pod casts

    20 gb of video
    14 gigs of photos
    8.65 of apps

    there are 61 gb of free space on a 128 gig iPhone

    how big is my back up file??
    8 gigs.

    theres not much there if you read the support page. its just settings and text messages. everything else is stuff you put on your iPhone using itunes and stuff you bought from apple with aren't even in the backup anyway

    and pictures can be copied to any computer using iPhoto
    you can backup your keychain to the cloud
    and you can transfer apps to itunes.

    so its no big deal if you erase your backups as long as you made sure your
    pictures and videos you recorded using the camera are saved in iPhoto

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