Wanted AT&T but scalpels got them - Verizon question now


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Oct 2, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Well I was at one of the smaller Apple stores in my area for the 8am launch today. I was about 30th in line. Unfortunately, 6 people who had gotten there at 11pm last night, each bought 2 of the white 64GB AT&T iPads. That's their prerogative, but my sales person said he was certain they were going to be scalped in the Asian market. I think this model may have been the one they got the least of too. Regardless, I was out of luck. Quickly decided to go with Verizon rather than choose a different color or size. The salesman reassured me I could swap it anytime in the next two weeks if I still wanted AT&T.

Can someone clarify the activation fee issue on Verizon's data plan? I have AT&T on my iPad 2 and will be really disappointed if the same ease of using the cell network or not each month, can not be made. I'm also disappoint that I'll only get 2GB for $30 instead of 3, but I thought I would still see for myself Verizon's potential. But the activation fee and 90 day time frame to reactive has me worried. Can anyone clarify this?

Also, if it doesn't say LTE in the upper conner, then I'm on Verizon's 3G, right.


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May 13, 2010
I would call ur local bestbuy and radio shack. My local bestbuy still has all models in stock. Everyone preordered and there wasn't any long line like last year


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Jul 10, 2007
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Did the scalpels cut the line?


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Nov 18, 2005
You guys be nice :p. Do a search in this forum there are many recent threads about verizon and activation fee's. If you prepay there should be no fee if you postpay there is. Thats what I've been reading.


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Jan 28, 2008
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did the scalpels cut the line?