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    Mar 22, 2002
    I was so glad the horrible "tear-drop" iPhone 5 did not attack the world :D

    It looked like a paint roller tray and was horribly proportioned.

    So we want a bigger screen, ehh ?

    Well if it goes left edge-to- right edge, then it must also go top-to-bottom.

    This is the only way to keep the approximate Golden Ratio of the current screen intact.

    But what about the home button ?

    I don't know why it has to be a mechanical button. But, if it has to be mechanical, why not use the Apple logo on the back for this purpose?

    Then the entire face can be glass screen.

    What about the ear-speaker ? Let it be on the upper edge channeled slightly forward and hold the phone's top, at a slight angle, with the top edge into the ear canal. This speaker can be the only one in the phone and it can be the powerful one now found at the bottom. This design can improve the video sound direction (currently firing off to the side where we are not) and is strong enough to require that, if anything, we turn it's volume down, in a busy street environment or when chatting outdoors. This design leaves solid glass in the front face to be used for the image. The proximity and ambient light sensors need not be on the front face. These could be very thin affairs around the edge of the display's face; under the glass. Another design feature might be to let the rear face itself vibrate. By controlling the thickness of the glass in the appropriate pattern (like a violin maker tunes an instrument by shaving wood from within, using long gouges) it should be possible to create a fairly good acoustic driver on a larger scale than the current coin transducers.

    Along with inductive charging and totally wireless connections, we are left with one solid slab of laser-sealed glass; no more peering in the holes for water damage. No more water damage. Use it in the shower or under water. Imagine the Apple logo throbbing softly, in frosted glass, from within a smooth edged glass slab ... makes you want to hurl a pig femur into the sky, yes ?

    Spell my name correctly on the patent certificates please.

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    Nov 10, 2010
    Why not post this in the iPhone forum where it belongs.

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