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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mad Mac Maniac, Apr 25, 2010.

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    So I'm hoping for a new feature in 4.0.

    How many times have people posted on here asking "I found a passlocked iphone. how can I figure out who it belongs to?"

    I passcode lock my iphone so if I lose it people can't access private info, but what if the good samaritan legitimately wants to return it? There's not really any way to do that. Yes I know there are apps that let you set you wallpaper to show your contact info, but what if I don't want that displayed on my iphone 24/7.

    I think there should be a button that you can click on the passcode screen that takes you to the owners contact info. The user can control if they want to put email, alternate phone #, address, place of work, or whatever. Maybe you can even directly call that alternate phone # from the lost iphone.
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    You can call the phone. If the person is willing to return it they will answer it and make arrangements to help you get it back.
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    Voice dialing on the phone still works.

    I have always thought If I found a lost iPhone with a passcode, I would attempt to voice dial "home" or "mom" & so on.

    Or even better call your self so you atleast know the number of the lost iPhone. And work from there.

    It seems like you could take the lost iPhone to the At&t store and they should know how to get the iPhone back to the owner, if it's not an unlocked phone.

    I pesronally used the "if lost" app.

    It has my phone # and email address on the home screen. I know it's ugly, but its worth it. If someone is actually nice and wants to return the phone they have my home # to call.
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    I have a label on all my devices (phone(s), iPod, Macbook) that says "If found, Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX. It has been invaluable a couple of times.
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    All anybody has to do that truly wants to be of service is return the phone to AT&T. They can read the IMEI # and get it back to it's owner.
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