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Wanted to share this Alarm program as it was in action today


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Oct 17, 2005
Hey All, I am not trying to "promote" this program but...

Just wanted to share this free alarm program from iAlertu as it prevented a theft today for me. It is activated by motion sensor from your macbook.

I know you should never leave your laptops and valuables unattended but there are some occasions where you have to abruptly leave for the washroom, phone call or simply leave for a few seconds.

To arm/disarm you use your remote button or if you don't have a remote, to arm you click it on your desktop to arm and to disarm you type in your password on the keyboard. You can set "force maximum sound" so it will automatically sound as loud as it can even if your computer is on mute before or at minimum volume. It also takes a picture right away before the thief can close the lid and send it to your email.

Just remember to set your password in the preferences panel.

Today I was at library and I had to go to washroom which I go often. I left it with this program on and when I came back from the washroom there was a huge crowd as my alarm was ringing at maximum volume. The guy was at my table trying to put it in his bag while this thing was ringing and drew a huge crowd and the people sitting nearby which recognized that he was not the owner cornered him until I came back.

Great little application!
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Jul 19, 2010
Glad to hear it saved your MacBook! I've had the program for about a year now and thankfully it's never been set off.
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