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Discussion in 'iMac' started by drpotter2807, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Apr 10, 2011
    I am a serious hobby photographer. I am currently editing using Photoshop CS5 and LR on both a work pc (windows 7 quad core 6MB Ram) and a HP gaming laptop at home(vista)

    My laptop (home computer) is slowly biting the dust and I am looking to replace it. I have used PC's my entire life, but due to the overwelming popularity of macs with fellow photogs, I am considering an iMac. I do like my work computer, though and must stick with PC for that.

    Where is the best place to learn the ins and outs of an iMac. I have tried looking here, but some of the jargon is leaving me confused. From what I can tell a new model announcement is due anytime and so I will probably wait for it to come out before I make any decisions.

    Unfortunately switching to a Mac at home will mean I will have to repurchase PS, since I wish to keep my work PC registered. SO that does factor into the decision.

    So anyway... I just want to become an informed consumer. Any suggestions on where to start as far as the Mac side is concerned?

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    Mar 22, 2010
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    maybe some repeats:




    Adobe offers cross-grade discounts.

    Honestly, if you are already happy with the Windows world, I wouldnt switch.
    If you spend your time in PS and LR plus some normal web surfing/email/etc -- you will never notice the difference that OS X offers.

    Get a nice fast Dell tower and a 27" U2711 monitor.

    How do you get Windows 7 to run on a Quad Core with only 6 MEGS of ram? Even my iPhone has 512 megs. ;)
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    Your best bet to learn th mac platform is simply to use it. It really isn't as complicated or different as you might think. Just dive in and give it a go. If you can't figure out how to do something, google it. :)
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    Apr 10, 2011

    MB... GB... Its all the same right? :rolleyes: Sorry typo in my brain!

    for the record... that should read 6GB of RAM

    Is there any truth to the natively resistant to viruses claim of Macs? I don't surf on sites I think are unsafe, but I have had bad luck despite antivirus software in the past.

    I was not looking so much for a "how to use a mac" as much as a Mac Specs jargon guide. I will check out these links you all have given. Thanks!
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    Yes, very much so.
    Mac Virus/Malware Info, Compliments of GGJstudios.
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    yes that is true there are no viruses out there that could harm a Mac running OSX ,
    and to infect OSX with any other kind of malware like trojans you need to really want to infect the Mac with it , because it wont happen from alone without your permission

    and to make the switching easier you can still install your windows on the Mac via bootcamp
    after the install you got the choice from startup either to boot in OSX or windows then

    some find the switching easier if they can just use windows when they get stuck or when they still have loads of software requiring windows and dont want to buy every software new in one go
    some software companies offer you the Mac version if you already hold a windows license of the program ( in Mac world a program is an "App")

    there is another option if you need windows more regular and thats "parallels " or "VMware" to run both operating systems side by side at the same time
    which one is better ... the people using parallels usually say parallels is best, the people who are using VMware say VMware is best

    so ideally google for all reviews you can find , look into forums of both and decide for yourself which of the three options suits you better
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    Mac specs jargon isnt all that hard anymore, now that they have switched to Intel chips.

    The same X.XX ghz i7 chip will perform the same in a PC or Mac. Same with video. The Radeon XXXX will perform pretty much the same in either box.

    1TB Mac drive = 1TB PC drive

    16 gigs of ram in a MAc = 16 gigs of ram in a PC
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    Call into your local Apple store and see if they have the following free workshop scheduled.

    "Why You'll Love a Mac"

    "In this workshop, we'll show you how a Mac is designed to give you the best computer experience possible. Whether you're accessing a Wi-Fi network or organizing your photos by faces, everything is surprisingly simple. And the things you do most often on a computer, like browsing the web, checking email, and working with Microsoft Office files, are some of the things a Mac does best. Reserve a seat in this workshop and let us show you how a Mac lets you do amazing things with your photos, movies, music, and more."

    Once you've purchased you're Mac of choice, then you could attend this workshop.

    "Getting Started with a Mac"

    "If you have a new Mac or you're thinking about getting one, this is the workshop for you. You'll see how easy it is to work and play on a Mac as we take you through the basics. That includes setting up your new Mac, connecting it to the Internet, sending email, and setting up a printer. You'll also learn how to import and share photos; take advantage of MobileMe; transfer your favourite music, movies, and TV shows to your iPod; organize and search for files; and sync contacts, music, and more to iPhone."
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    From the chatter in the other threads, I see there is an update coming soon, right? Better to wait for it correct?

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