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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by i-Want-Apples, Aug 25, 2008.

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Background (Not really related to question)

    I love Apple products and follow what Apple does pretty closely, but, I don't currently own any Apple products. It usually ends up that I end up with something other than Apple when I am so close to buying an Apple product. I've had Apple products (both desktop computers) a while back, one when I was really young, and one when I was in high school that the school required. I don't remember much about the first one we had, and the second (and third, both the same computer though) had some problems, but overall wasn't too bad... Now, I'm just really wanting to get my hands on something Apple again and hopefully start getting some more things.

    So, after much deliberation I finally decided I would get the iPod touch. I already have 3 desktops and 4 laptops, so I don't really need any more computers at the moment. I also have a Zune, which is what I use for all of my music (I love the Zune and I'm not really looking to replace it, just another gadget to use with it!, but I think the iPod touch will be something I will like, but be completely different from what I have. So I bought one the other night, but noticed something a bit fishy. When I bought it, my local Walmart store only had two 8gb iPod touch left, but were sold out of the old software 8gb and both 16gb. I also noticed the iPod touch in the display was missing (but it had been gone for quite some time) So, before opening it I decided to look around online and found all the rumors floating around that there could be some major changes coming in about a month. (Oddly enough my Walmart just got a big shipment of 8gb touches in, about 8 from what I could see, alot for my store) As much as it killed me, I went ahead and took it back and now I'm anxiously awaiting the news of what is to come.

    Personally, I'm hoping that they will add some additional features, but keep the overall look and design the same. I really don't want them to change it to look like the new iPhone as I'm not real hyped on the plastic back, I really like the current back. I would personally like the price to stay where it is and the back to stay the same. If they release the new version I will decide then if I will go with the new one, or just get one of the older ones... Hopefully that is not completely crazy of me.


    1. If I buy an iPod touch shortly after it is released (assuming that they release something new) will I be taking a big chance of having a lot of bugs? I'm not the type person to normally buy something right away (I like to wait till the problems are worked out) but I don't know how much longer I can wait. If there are problems, is Apple good at taking care of the people that have already purchased? Or, should I just be patient and wait to see how things turn out?

    2. I am getting a little bit impatient waiting, so I've been browsing through iTunes trying to find some music, videos, apps, etc. to put on my new :D iPod touch and I've already got some music and videos waiting, but I've not purchased any apps yet... Is it okay to download apps now, I know I can't use them, but do they download just like music and videos into the iTunes software?

    I think that is all of my questions for now, I had more to ask, but I've forgotten some of them (My brain doesn't seem to function right at the moment and I have attributed it to my IANIT syndrome (impatiently awaiting new iPod touch)) So, if you have any other info that you think may help me that would be great, i.e. any info on getting what I consider to be my first Apple product, apps to check, good places to get music, or anything else you want to share to help get my mind off of things!!! :)

    Thanks so much and hopefully my first post doesn't drive everyone crazy :eek:
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    1. if you bought it right away compared to waiting it wouldn't really matter, they would update it. a few weeks to a few months is how long it would take for new bugs to be gone probably

    2. yep, you can download and buy the apps now if you want them.
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    Thanks for your reply...

    Not sure if this ever happens, but if it were to happen... What is the issue with the new iPod couldn't be fixed by a software upgrade? Would Apple allow you to send it in and have it repaired?

    Thanks again!

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