Wanting to move HomePod from room to room

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    For those of us not buying several HomePods, but would like to experience it is different rooms, any ideas?

    So, you can simply unplug it, carry it into the other room, and plug it back in again. But it'll have to reboot.

    I read somewhere that once you have made the initial connection, it connects quickly subsequently. And that it boots quickly. But how quickly? If it is as slow as an iPhone (it shouldn't be, but...), I might want to consider a solution.

    The only things I can think of is to give it a dedicated UPS Battery Backup or use a very long extension cord. Neither of these are very eligant, and a cord won't work for larger homes. And the longer the cord, the thicker it should be - although the HomePod doesn't draw much. With an apartment, a cord would work, but still not very nice, but certainly doable.

    UPS batteries are pretty big and heavy so my question is does anyone know of a small one or something I'm not thinking of?

    Hopefully, it just boots quickly and connects immediately, and that would be awesome, but just wondering if others are thinking about this.

    I shower with the door open and steam only effects the top 20% of the mirror, so I think it will be safe in the bathroom while showering, shaving, etc. My showers are not long. I've eyeballed many Bluetooth speakers in the past for this purpose but never pulled the trigger on one. I wonder if Siri can understand me over the water noise. "Hey Siri, play, Don't Drop The Soap, by the Prison Guards."

    So imagine it in your bedroom. Would I be nuts to think we should be able to tell it, "Hey Siri, wake me at 8AM to Metallica."?
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    TechCrunch's review might give some idea:

    Moving from place to place with the HomePod isn’t necessarily a primary use case, but it was a nice surprise to set up the HomePod once and move between my work, apartment and home without having to change a thing. When you plug it in at a new spot it will fire up and connect to any network known to your phone within seconds. It’s really fast and seamless.​
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    You can't set music as your alarm as tested by The Verge.

    iCloud Wifi Sync is also enabled so any known network on your iPhone will automatically be learned by your iPad/HomePod
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    The speaker has a accelerometer built in, so it notices when its moved, so whether its booting up, or is being moved while plugged in, it will initiate a scan of the room to adjust how it plays music.

    I cannot help but think this is an awkward solution that really isn' feasible.

    Just because you don't see the steam, doesn't mean there isn't water content in the air, I wouldn't take a chance but that's just me.
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    I think after a few weeks the honeymoon will be over and you will leave it in one place.:)
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    I was thinking about this.
    I have a 75 foot extension cord and was planning on plugging the HP in and walking around the house. I am sure there is a boot time involved.

    Ultimately there will be multiple pods in the house but for now it's play time
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    I'm wondering about the spatial awareness and sound calibrating when moving HomePod from one room to another. Does it automatically recalibrate itself once plugged in and playing music? I moved mine from kitchen to office once already and the sound is very different, although the 2 rooms are very different.

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