Warblade HD for the iPad is now available

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Warblader, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Warblader macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2009
    My game Warblade is now available in a HD version for the iPad. It's only $0.99 this weekend!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Next version will have support for the iCade cabinet. And I have to say it's an amazing feeling to play the game on the iCade!! Really great old time arcade feeling... :) I will submit the new version tonight!

    I have uploaded a video on YouTube showing Warblade HD played on the iCade.

    iTunes link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warblade-hd/id442977868?mt=8

    What some reviewers are saying about Warblade:

    - "Im loving this game! Just awesome!!" - AppSlappy.com
    - "The best game I have ever owned...... Period!!" - Terie Mumby
    - "Warblade HD is a fantastically simple yet inventively rich arcade title for the iPad." - AppAdvice.com
    - "Warblade – An Awesome Vertical Shooter" - reviewmyiphoneapp.com

    "I’m pretty excited: the App Store seems woefully short on good shoot'em up games. Warblade looks like it’ll be the best shoot'em up game that the iPad is going to get." - CultOfMac.com

    "From the title screen right up to the end credits, Warblade simply reeks of quality. Great graphics, sublime sound, perfect playability and addictive action!!" - Gameworld

    "Warblade is a fast paced shooter which combines new ideas and technology with a classic concept nearly every game player has heard of. Simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you playing for quite some time. More, please!" - Bytten.com

    "If you're a true gamer and you miss the good old days when games were about gaming and not about advancing some cheezy storyline, this is the fix you need! Simple shooting bliss to the novice, but with a wealth of tactical decisions at every turn for the advanced player. Sucks you in like a Hoover!" - 9572AD
  2. Warblader thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2009
    Version 1.46.2 is now submitted to Apple for approval. It has some small fixed and adjustments. And it has support for the iCade controller!!
  3. MightyFlub macrumors member

    May 15, 2010
    North-East England
    This controls really well with touch controls but it becomes an utter joy when you play it with an iCade.

    More shooters like this please :)

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