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Apr 5, 2015
Warcraft 2 Combat Edition has been used by thousands of players since 2006, and we have recently released the newest version 4.01! You can download it at

Warcraft 2 is a real time strategy game that is considered one of the classics by many. If you are looking to have a little fun and want a game to check out then this is it!

What’s new:

update by iL (Version 4.01)
– Changed the concept of Combat. Some more beauty and functionality instead of smallest size.
– Moved/changed some custom maps
– Added built-in maps
– Added the textures
– Added units annoy voices and heroes voices
– Restored AI Extended for AIE maps
– Campaign added. Choice between violent comp AI and campaign
– Color/icons fixes by DirectDraw for new Windows
– “Random port” option to allow several connections from the same subnet using common external ip
– GOW EF High by default for new installations
– WPpatch replaced by War2PLoader: new autoupdating utility with UPNP support and more
– Fixes and updates in installer



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May 17, 2012
That's pretty cool. Too bad there's no Mac version.

Does that use the assets from a legit copy of Warcraft II or is it a recreation of some sort? I own Warcraft II & the expansion. I was just curious.


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May 17, 2012
Not legal. But when Blizzard doesn't support it, who cares..

Yeah, I am not concerned about an old game that cannot be purchased as a new copy anymore anywhere. I was more interested in whether it was a source port which therefore likely used the original assets, supported the original single player campaign, etc. vs. a recreation that may or may not attempt to replicate the original single player.

More than anything though I found it a shame it doesn't come in an OS X version but them's the breaks. Something like this would probably would run in a Wineskin wrapper I have a feeling.
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