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    Just wanted to let any Apple users know that there is a hacker out there that apparently can completely bypass Apples "top notch" security system and hack into and completely erase your entire Apple ID account. (including all your iTunes money/purchases/music and your iPhone apps & updates) leaving your iPhone practically useless and your connected bank account compromised. After contacting Apple for the past 4 days of an ongoing investigation, being sent to Apple Fraud department & contacting Apple law enforcement as requested by one of the highest level agents, they said they will do everything to investigate this issue. The agent working on this case has suddenly stopped responding to phone calls, and every email is being sent back as an error. Completely unacceptable and a sign of terrible service to their valued customers. After calling again and talking to a new agent they claim there is nothing they can do to help, even though they have proved the account was definitely hacked and are aware of everything you've lost.
    As we all know AppleIDs are very important, and your key to all
    Apple devices. Not only is all the purchased music and albums gone, but all the money on the iTunes account as well. The iPhone cannot be updated to new iOS, all apps cannot be updated and the phone can no longer be backed up. Apple claims to have one of the highest security systems, yet someone was able to bypass all security measures, and all wait times for account changes, and Apple doesn't seem to care that their security is compromised and failing.
    So apparently Apple is a complete **** company, and they don't give a **** about their customers or the fact their security is garbage, despite what the tell us.
    So I recommend checking your Apple ID and e-mail often incase it happens to you (not that apple would help you anyways, but you will need to contact your bank immediately).
    Thank you Apple for ignoring these issues and leaving your customers out to dry after all the money we have all spent on all your devices, thinking that you were there to protect us and our privacy.
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    Please enlighten us as to what tools you were using to secure your credentials (software, 2-factor authentication, etc).

    Security is primarily an end user responsibility.

    It's nice that Apple was helping you troubleshoot your issue. Unfortunately your rant contains no details on any safeguards you have been using that failed and only about Apple's involvement after the compromise.

    Most "hacks" are not random.
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    How can I tell if my phone is hacked? Would there be something in the log ?


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