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Oct 24, 2007
Hi All,
I just paid dearly for this lesson. I purchased an unlocked iphone and I had it for only four days . I went into one of my cellular providers stores to see if I can add another person onto my plan(my son). He looked up my account and told me I had a $600.00 balance for my internet usage.
My old phone did not have internet capabilities.

My new iphone was accessing my cellular providers internet service not what I thought was my in homes wireless router. I made them cut me off from accessing their internet. They were charging me .3 cents per kilobyte second.
My Point is if you just want to pick up hot spots and your own providers service put a STOP with your cellular providers internet so you can't accsess their service.
When I put my sim card in my iphone and got online my bank account was getting lower without me having a clue that I was using my providers internet sevice.
I hope this helps someone.

Stories end: I got a supervisor from my cellular provider to charge me only .1 cent per kilobyte usage which still cost me over $200.00 for four days with my new iphone
A very expensive lesson.
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