Warranty and billing ? - Worth sending the rMBP back?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by naked, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Long story short, I just got an AmEx card yesterday in hopes of billing the rMBP to it for the extended warranty stuff and the purchase protection. Well, the rMBP billed and shipped over the weekend. After 30 minutes on the phone with Apple, they are refusing to rebill the new credit card.

    So, I'm left with the option of returning it and repurchasing a new one.

    My question: I've never done Applecare, as I have a personal articles policy through State Farm that's been incredibly good to me over the years (no questions asked replacement of my $1500 DSLR when I knocked over my tripod and shattered the screen, no deductible, and $30 a year w/ our homeowners insurance). Going with AmEx was just for some extra coverage in case SF didn't cover something.

    I was also planning on using the 6 months of 0% APR to slow pay this thing off, as I've got two computers I'm selling for it and that will take some time.

    So, is it worth it? I'm very frustrated after the customer service reps I talked too. I understand the issue, but it seems that double billing the AmEx until it went through and then refunding my Chase would be totally doable (and they said it was, just not in this case).

    If I ordered another rMBP today, I'd likely only be out a laptop for a few days if any (if I hit the new 2 week shipping mark).

    I ordered a 2.6/16/512 via USA edu if that matters at all.
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    I like free things, I think it's worth it when compared to the price of Applecare.

    Applecare provides 3 years total and while my credit card only provides one additional year on top of the standard one year warranty, my credit card also covers accidental damage / loss / theft, which Applecare does not.

    Additionally to the above, some members on this forum have mentioned Applecare won't cover a battery replacement if you've used up the expected number of cycles in the lifetime of the battery, on the grounds the battery was consumed as opposed to failing due to defect. As long as it's within two years after purchse, I'd likely just need to send in the receipt for an out of warranty battery replacement and the credit card would reimburse me (as has happened after I dropped and smashed my iPad 3).
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    Your issue here is the fact that it's a new card...Apple happily take my AMEX, but I've had it for decades...I opened a new CC account (BOACC / Amazon) to take advantage of the points. I tried to purchase my Pegasus R4 with that card and my sales guy said that because I had not had it for 6 months, he doubted that Apple would charge it. Long story, but I DID manage to get them to do it, but had to jump through a lot of hoops, bleated about long-term loyalty Blah, Blah.

    They have a policy in place, but I reckon if you moan at them a little they might make another exception...My case proves they can do it if they want to.
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    I'm not sure that's true in my case. I didn't share with them many details about the other card.

    I went ahead and ordered another one today. I'll either return the first one or try my luck at selling it locally as the end of the return window approaches.

    I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I have any better luck, perhaps purchasing another one will add "weight" to my issue.


    Thanks for that. I'm new to the AmEx, but after shattering the screen on my iPad3, and finding out my Chase Amazon card offered diddly, I'll use the AmEx for big electronics purchases. Seems the CS with AmEx is pleasant with claims as well.
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    Jul 20, 2010
    NP, FYI mine's through VISA (CIBC in Canada), I get 1% back on my purchases and there's no annual fee.. Sweet deal eh
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    A few thoughts to share. Due to the current economic climate AmEx will waive the annual fee if you currently have one. All it takes is a quick phone call & a friendly approach.

    Regarding Apples overly strict, seemingly inflexible policies, those are the unfortunate result of too many customers abusing what used to be Apples wonderful flexibility & willingness to work with you.

    That said if one is pleasant & persistent Apple will revert back, and take care of your requests.

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