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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by shortys408, May 4, 2008.

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    So I took my store into the genious bar at my local apple store to get my macbook pro fixed. It was missing the f11 key and the laptop would not stay closed. I still have about a year left on my applecare so they sent it off and said it would not cost me anything. I check back on my repair status and it says on hold need information. So i gave apple a call and they said they found a small dent around hte magsafe plug and that this dent voids my warranty and it will now cost between 600-1200$ to fix. they couldnt give me an exact quote. Does anyone have any experience with this or if theres anyone that could help. I talked to a supervisor on the phone and she said she would request a picture of the dent from the support center and let me know if theres anything she can do. I would really prefer not to go through the trouble of going to small claims.
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    but if they repair the dent will they reinstate your warranty?? i sincerely hope they do....

    does the dent actually affect apple fixing the machine so it can be closed or are they merely taking advantage because they can?
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    I really think it depends on the size and appearance of the dent. If it's dented so much that any damage or malfunction may have been caused by your accident, not Apple's manufacturing flaw, then you're not going to have your warranty honoured. Sorry, but Apple covers problems that are their fault, like when some component stops working properly. When you drop it, and the problem may be caused by your own actions (eg: a laptop that no longer closes properly, which is likely not their fault), then they assume it was your fault.

    It sucks. They usually have pretty decent customer service, so I would definitely do what the customer service rep says. Otherwise, you're going to have to pay for it.

    Is it just the latch that doesn't click shut when you close the lid?
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    yes the latch does not stay clicked shut, it just pops back open. and the dent did not cause this. the dent they are speaking of existed for a long time before i had the problem with the case closing.
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    I would explain that the dent was there long before the other problems (or probably better, tell them it was there long after the other problems) and tell them to ignore the dent and just fix what broke due to faulty manufacturing.

    I've had a pretty awful experience getting my iPhone repaired, so this sounds pretty standard.

    About one month after I got the phone the touchscreen stopped sensing touches in a strip across the screen. It took them over 3 months to repair. Then they charged me $420 for the loaner phone before I could even return it! I tried to send it back so I could get my money back and was told the wrong thing 4 on different occasions with everyone telling me it wasn't their fault someone else told me wrong information. After trading phone calls for several months, they only credited me $375 back. Now my service rep won't return calls and when I tried talking to someone else they tell me there is nothing they can do. Wonderful Service!

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