warranty issues with replacing a spill-damaged lcd on macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jsklar, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Jan 7, 2005
    so here's the deal - my little brother managed to spill pomegranate juice on my father's macbook (mid '07 white 13" c2d 2ghz, purchased jun '07, applecare thru jun '10).

    i had him remove the battery and sit it upside down to dry with a fan on it for a week until i got home. supposedly it mainly splashed on the screen as witnessed by the bright spots on the left side of the lcd (see attached pic). apparently he tried turning it on once right after and it shut off right away. it works now, but the screen is still f*ed up.

    i took off a few keys on the keyboard to have a look and theres no visible stain really or anything. if i had the right tools around here i would have disassembled completely to see what might have been damaged on the inside, but alas i don't.

    decided to run the apple diagnostic and got an error code: 4sns/1/40000000:TBOT
    from my research online it seems like that suggests a problem with the logic board, but it could just as well be unrelated .... but the laptop boots up and stays on and seems fine.

    my little brother had already called apple and told them what happened to get an idea of how much sh*t he was in...i'm about to take it to the genius bar to see how much it would cost them to replace the screen for my father's peace of mind.

    i noticed ifixit.com has a couple used lcd panels for like $130. if i just installed one of those myself would that void the warranty? if apple knows that something spilled on it... might they blame any future problems on that?

    ideally i'd like to have the screen replaced only since it is working....and just ignore the other error code. and hope that if any problems arise in the future, applecare will cover it since it will likely not be due to the spill after so much time...

    thoughts, suggestions, comments, advice - all would be welcome!



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    Your correct about "future problems" being blamed on the spill. ANYTHING that ever happens in the future Apple will most likely say it was because of the spill.
    I doubt thats what you wanted to hear. Sorry!
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    Mine took about 2 weeks but it dried out and was fine
    I had to have the keyboard replaced, but that's a different story...
    well, same story, but different outcome. :eek:

    Woof, Woof - Dawg [​IMG]
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    Nov 26, 2008
    They'll probably not going to cover it as time passes and if the MB does experience problems then it's VERY likely it's because of the spill. Applecare doesn't cover accidental damages...

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