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    Background story.
    this epic adventure of sorcery,betrayal,honor and justice is set more than 1500 years ago around the time of the Tang Dynasty of Ancient China.Li Yuan,also known as Duke Tang,ruled the empire along with the beautiful Empress Dou and together they were blessed with four sons.Tragically,their third son Li Yuanba died at a young age and beset with anger and jealousy,he fell deep into an ancient underworld and claimed to be the Devil Incamate.Seizing upon an opportunity after his father's passing.Li Yuanba's second brother,Li Shimin,killed their oldest and youngest brothers in the Palace Coup of Xuanwumen and became know as Emperor Taizong.
    Li Yuanba continued to control the underworld and using a long forgotten form of ancient sorcery,brought his youngest brother Li Yuanji back of life.Together they entered into a Dark Pact helping Li Yuanji to take control of the empire and tormenting the inner demons of Emperor Taizong who had killed him,eventually leading to him to take his own life.In return for the power bestowed upon him,Li Yuanji helped collect the souls of unsuspecting people to quench his brother's thirst for the Power of Darkness.Becoming more and more powerful,Li Yuanba used a drop of the royal blood from his brother to open the gates of hell.From his underworld kingdom he commanded demons to wreak havoc and unleashed countless disasters of flood,famine and drought eventually plunging the world and it's people into disorder,
    misery and suffering.
    During this tumultuous time,the hero of this adventure Yuan Ying,was born in a remote mountain village besieged with flooding and demon attacks,His wife,who he had know since early childhood,was abused by Li Yuanba in front of his own eyes and his brother and many of his close family members were killed and tortured by the released Demons.Fortunately,during this period of darkness Yuan Ying was blessed by the Dragon and managed to escape from the doom.Together,they exposed the conspiracy between Li Yuanji and his fiendish brother and guided by the Dragon,Yuan Ying saves the common people of the world from an endless legacy of despair and suffering,vowing to make it is personal quest to eradicate the Devil for etemity and uphold justice.
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