Was my Mac hacked?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by macduke, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I've never worried about my Mac being hacked before, but after coming back to my computer today, I think that it was?

    What was weird is that when I came back to my locked computer (2011 MacBook Pro 15" on SL 10.6.6), my email window was open, and some email from Adobe in September 2010 was on the screen. It was also popped out into it's own window. I never pop emails out into their own window, just when I'm replying. I would have remembered opening that window last night before going to bed. Then in Photoshop, my toolbars were out of place. They were positioned like the screen resolution had changed. This usually happens when my monitor comes unplugged and is replugged in, but this time the toolbars were way over, like they had been hooked up to a smaller screen. I measured the dimensions that they had moved to, and it was about 1220x980, which is a weird size. My ThunderBook has a resolution of 1680x1050. So weird.

    I've never come back to my Mac with weird things out of place. The only other person in my house is my wife, and she doesn't have access to this machine, nor would she ever care to try.

    I do have screen sharing enabled, but it's password protected with a good password. I have it enabled so I can use iTeleport with my iPad when I don't have my computer with me at school or if I need to do something real quick when I'm around my house and have the iPad in hand. The only thing I can think of is I had my login set to automatic, because I had been benchmarking some SSD app launching tests on my new machine and hadn't set it back to using a password. But I have it set to use a password on waking from sleep, which is what I did before I went to bed. I also unplug the power cord from my system to save battery life before going to bed, so I know for sure that it was asleep during the night. And nobody rebooted the system because most everything was in place where I left off, including history of the PSD website mockup that I was working on, which is always cleared when Photoshop quits.

    Also I don't use Safari, which recently had a vulnerability, unless the Safari Webkit engine is used in email, which had a rich HTML formatted window open, which could then be used to gain access? That would suck. I use FireFox all the time because of the add-ons, especially the ones for web development.

    So anyone care to take a crack at what's going on here? Was it just a coincidence or what? I also updated Growl before going to bed. Could that have messed up my email? Thanks!
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    Yep. Your Mac became self-aware. :D

    Seriously, your chances of being hacked are ridiculously remote. There's bound to be an explanation, but being hacked is unlikely to be it. By the way, it's fine to leave it plugged in while it sleeps.
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    I find it unlikely even an Adobe-obsessed hacker would break into your system to read an old Adobe email, change your resolution, play with Photoshop, then change the resolution back.

    It's definitely odd, though.
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