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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by mmcxiiad, Oct 21, 2005.

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    I do computer consulting work and serve serveral clients in my area, one of which is a doctor's office. They called me the other day and asked about a mac issue. One of the doctors in the office moved. The entire office is running a windows platform (their medical software uses a windows only application). When I went over today to find out what we could do, we talked about serveral options. We finally decided on them giving me their 2 macs and i would replace them with dells.

    The macs i got are a 450 cube and 15 apple studio display (lcd), it appears to have 320mb of ram and a 20gb HD (with keyboard, mouse, software and power adapter). The other mac is a 1.67/1.5 15" powerbook with only the power adapter (no software, manual, etc). it has an 80gb hard drive but i don't know any other stats then that. Not only does it not have the restore disk, but it also has no OS loaded. I checked apple's support site and found out that it is covered by apple care until 3/2008. I already called apple and the replacement software for the powerbook is going to be $16 (already on its way). It also came with some software:

    1. Virtual PC 6.1
    2. Virtual PC 5 With windows xp
    3. Filemaker Pro 5.5
    4. Filemaker pro 7
    5. MS office 2004 Student teacher version

    In return, I got them a dell desktop and laptop. the desktop is a deimention e510 3.0ghz P4 (630), media center edition (same as pro with media features and cheaper) 512MB ram, 80GB HD, CD-RW/DVD, 17" Dell LCD and 1 year warranty. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000, Celeron 1.4ghz, Media Center Edition, 80gb hd, 512 RAM, DVDRW, WiFi b&g, 1 year warranty. They cost almost $2100 with tax and shipping although i got a $550 dealer discount through dell.


    OK, all that said, did i give them a fair deal? And was this worth it for me? Essentially I am going to pay $1500 for $2100 worth of equipment to trade for the 2 macs. I don't really need another powerbook nor any of the software, but i am thinking about selling it. Anyone who could offer some insight to this trade would be helpful.

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    OK< does the software come with CD's and serials? The Student and Teacher Office isn't legally resellable. The 2 Filemakers, if the 7 is an upgrade on the 5, are really only one Filemaker license. Ditto with the Virtual PC if the newer one is upgrade. So the $$ value of the software may be lower than you originally estimate. THe Powerbook looks nice, as long as it is under Applecare. Check eBay for current values by searching closed auctions. The cube... well some people like them, I dont, so I would trade a Cube for a Mini any day.
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    I would say you got a good deal there. Apart from the fact that you now have two nice Macs, the Power book is probably worth about $1500 ish depending on condition, which means that as you paid $1500 for the Dells then the Cube is all profit. I would say with the monitor, you should be looking at around $350 ish. So all in all not bad.
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    I agree - I'd say that the Mac with the Powerbook is worth $1600, the cube $300, and the software $100, which adds up to about $2000. You got a good deal, but it's not such a good deal that your client would resent you, which is nice.
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    thanks for the info. that is about what i was thinking the value was for these two computers. both are in excelent comdition so they should be easy to sell. i didn't want to take advantage of them, but they knew that this wasn't going to be a strait trade - i am not in business to do even swaps. all of the software has the serials, so they should be good too. i'll probably just put it all on ebay this week.

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