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Feb 2, 2010
London, UK
Is anyone seeing anything like this...


Phone on the left is my XS, phone on the right is my brand new 11 Pro. Both 5.8" non-Max models. Brightness is identical on both at about 40%, both have True Tone on, Night Mode off, and there's nothing special like Enhanced Contrast turned on for either of them. They are both running dark mode. (I updated my XS to iOS 13.0 last night to get dark mode on that.)

Basically my 11 Pro screen is totally washed out. Weirdly blacks are black but all other colours are off. It's easiest to see on the dark grey boxes where on the 11 Pro they are distinctly light grey but look also for instance at the reds on the Emergency SOS logos, the greens on the Battery logos or the blues on the Privacy logos.

I spent over 2 hours escalating up through 2 levels of customer service then 1 level of engineering and at the end of it all the engineer wanted to escalate me up to the next level of engineering with a 4 to 5 working day response time. At that point I decided that I'd just go into a store tomorrow, compare my phone with the store ones (surely the new iPhone 11 Pro display isn't supposed to look like mine?!), and if they can't exchange then and there because of stock issues I'll return this one for a refund and have another go in a few weeks when stock is more plentiful.

It's not a brightness imbalance issue by the way. I've turned the XS to max brightness and the 11 Pro to minimum and even then the XS has far more contrast and is less washed out than the 11 Pro.

Just a faulty screen I guess but I'd be interested if anyone else is seeing this, or even thinks that the 11 Pro on the right is acceptable vs the XS on the left.

Knowlege Bomb

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Feb 14, 2008
Why do the grays on the screen on the right look green? Looks like an apples to oranges comparison so it’s hard to judge.


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Aug 30, 2011
Defective Screen exchange or return


Don't fall for that Engineer BS. Get out of the loop and get a replacement
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