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Liam Steven

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Original poster
Oct 9, 2012

I need some way for my watch to buzz or vibrate/notify every hour during the working day.

I don’t want to fill up my calendar so that’s not really an option.

Is there an App or functionality that will let me create a prompt every hour Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm?

Any help appreciated!


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Jul 9, 2021
You could make a second calendar for this purpose. Then have it hidden from your calendar view so it doesn’t clutter things up.

Otherwise, you could create an alarm for every hour, that repeats on weekdays.


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Oct 19, 2021
You could use the Reminders app. Set up a new list to contain your hourly reminders. Add a reminder for each hour you want to be notified and have it repeat on weekdays with no end to the repeat. The reminders won't show up on your calendar.

You could set up just one reminder and have it repeat hourly. But it would repeat every hour 24/7.


Staff member
Jul 1, 2014
Add another variation on the hidden calendar:

If want to get fancy, can have a Shortcuts' Automation run in the middle of the night to populate the events to the calendar, remove the old events as well, if wanting to keep the hidden calendar "clean".

Many 3rd party calendar apps also have the ability to hide the calendar, so the hidden calendar is a nice option.
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