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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by glossywhite, Oct 16, 2009.

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    As usual, the media blow every tiny "problem" out of all proportion.. and what on EARTH is that bizarre analogy to a nightclub bouncer?! :confused:

    A few (hundred?) complaints (of the many millions of iPhone owners ;)) have caused a stir at the BBC "Watchdog" office... these people evidently expect everything Apple to be inherently flawless, without exception - no understanding of the word "bug" then?... :rolleyes:

    The funny thing is, the 3.1.2 update came out ONE WEEK before this was reported - talk about slow on the uptake!. One sheep, added this comment to the BBC blog:

    Because of one bug, this causes ALL Apple products to be bad, of course. I was talking to my friend earlier, who was saying how he saw the BBC show, and said "oooh you don't want one of those iPhones - have you heard?!" - people expect Apple to be superhuman??.


    As for the Apple "expert" in the video... :rolleyes: :D ...whatever ;)
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    They mention the patch at the bottom of the article. The article was made solely to get page hits. I've e-mailed CNN a few times regarding misleading information in their articles and they've altered the articles. You could try to fix the BBC story if you want...
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    Notice how the star of the video report, is some suited corporate pen-pusher, who hasn't a single clue about software, bugs etc. Way to go, getting an "INFORMED" person to propogate that FUD, even further ;)

    Another blog post:

    I think he'll find that at no point HAVE Apple blamed the app devs for the issues... have they?!! :confused:
    So glad you're leaving us, dude - we don't need nitwits around, to misunderstand the (inevitable) problems that arise with ALL computer products. So, ALL your friends with iPhone, are suddenly going to ditch them, and switch manufacturer, because YOU said so?. :D :D

    Can I fall about laughing, yet??.

    What a c*ck.
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    To be fair, there were more than "a few" people suffering with the bug. There were over 2300 posts and nearly a quarter of a million hits on the Apple Support Discussions site about coma mode with the 3.1 firmware and there was also a big thread here on MacRumors.

    I also agree it was a bit dumb for the BBC to go ahead with the program a week after it was fixed with the 3.1.2 update.

    I think what got a lot of people's back up was the usual wall of silence from Apple. The bug was present in the 3.1 beta but the firmware update was rushed out for the keynote on the 9th September. For the next month a lot of 3G iPhones were locking up and missing calls and Apple didn't even acknowledge there was a problem. It must of ended up costing Apple a fair bit of money because they replaced a lot of iPhones on warranty, even though there was nothing wrong with the hardware.
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    Bottom line == Apple WILL fix this, and very quickly. This is an issue, but in the long run, a minor complaint, overall.
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