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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by DeepIn2U, Aug 14, 2017.

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    I have a two part question that I'm hoping developers and users alike can help me with.

    For the Series 2 (S2 & Nike+) Apple Watch devices ....
    What do they use WiFi for?
    - I've noticed that transfering music from the phone onto the watch is at the same speeds allocated to Bluetooth 4 EDR but not WiFi. The same goes for workout app sync data etc.
    So what does the watch use for WiFi ... just WatchOS updates only?

    More importantly ... is the other wireless capabilities currently (aside from Bluetooth & WiFI). Can the Apple Watch S2 transmit wireless data at 12volts? Better yet can the watch suffice as a passcard for existing readers?

    The latter question, in bold, is what I'm mostly after and it's not easy to find out directly from sources such as JCI Inc (Johnson Controls Inc) world leader in Safety/Security access. Hoping someone has s definitive answer or can point me into the right direction.

    Thank you kindly.
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    Wifi is used as a backup when bluetooth connection is unavailable (due to distance, or dead iphone). Watch can't do everything over wifi, its access is limited to things like updating apps that pull data from the internet (eg weather apps) and sending and receiving imessages. some carriers support phone calls also, but not many (i think AT&T does, is it called NumberSync?). no syncing with healthkit, etc.

    NFC, currently limited to Apple Pay and Apple Pay only.

    No idea what "12 volts" is supposed to refer to, but given it only does bluetooth/wifi/nfc, going to say no.


    There is no bold.
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    Thank you a million!!

    Yeah I forgot the bold but you nailed all my questions most gracious.

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