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    I'm a platelet donor. I was deferred from donating last August 13 due to having an irregular heartbeat detected. Saw PCP and cardiologist, diagnosed with intermittent atrial fibrillation. Put on beta blocker and blood thinner. October visit to cardiologist showed no signs of atrial fibrillation. Cardiologist gave permission to go off blood thinner for two days once a month to resume platelet donations. Stopped talking Eliquist after Friday night dose. Had scheduled platelet donation this morning. Received two overnight irregular rhythm notification. Did three ECG, showed atrial fibrillation. Nurse at blood donor center detected no irregular heartbeat, successfully donated two units platelets and three units plasma. Back on Eliquist, will notify cardiologist. Not really concerned. Scheduling next platelet donation same day as dental appointment seeing I have to be off on blood thinners for dental exam.

    My blood pressure monitor did not detect irregular heartbeat this morning. Makes one wonder which instrument is accurate.
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    BP monitors are not great at detecting afib. How did the nurse try to detect your heart rhythm? FYI, there's really no set rule that you can't donate blood or platelets while in asymptomatic stable atrial fibrillation.
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    Taking pulse.
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    Taking your pulse is not definitive for afib. From the NHS website:

    Feeling your pulse to check if you have an irregular heartbeat can give a strong indication of whether you have atrial fibrillation (AF). However, a complete diagnosis requires a full medical investigation.
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    Nurse never said I had a-fib, she said I had an irregular heartbeat detected and could not donate until I was cleared by PCP. ECG from PCP and cardiologist determined I had a-fib.

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