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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by momof3az, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I recently got the Series 4 apple watch in 40mm ss gold. I love my color choice but I'm a little unsure on the size...thinking about exchanging for the 44. When I bought it I didn't even try on the larger one because I thought it would be way to big. Then after I got it I starting second-guessing my decision. I still have a week to change my mind and exchange. Was wondering if you could help me out, I am posting a few photos. The first and last pic are of the 44, and the middle two are of my 40 mm.

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    As you know the size difference is quite subtle. There is no bad choice here. Which one feels and looks right to you?

    For me it was a fairly easy choice because the larger watch just didn’t sit right on my wrist. I kept fiddling with its position. Maybe I would have gotten used to it, but the smaller watch just felt right to me and I never looked back. That was in 2015 and I just upgraded to the S4. I didn’t even try on the 44mm. The 40mm now gives me the screen area of the old 42, but in a case size closer to the 38mm.

    Sleep on it and try them on side by side again. Just go with your gut, and don’t forget to try them with multiple bands if you can. That can make a difference in the fit and feel.
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    40 is the right one for you. ;)
    the 44 only emphasizes your body frame.
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    On the last picture I think 44mm looks to big, but it is a matter of taste.

    I had the same trouble deciding. Started out with 44mm, but just didn't feel and look right. Then got a 40mm and it felt right at home from the start. But the I started second guessing if a sportsloop would have made the 44mm fit better, so I got one with sportsloop. Unfortunately it had a quite bad display and was going back no matter what, but I used it to compare side by side. But again 44mm didn't feel or look natural, so 40mm came out on top for me. I have 160mm wrist size.
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    I think you can wear the 44. It doesn't look too big to me. If you want the bigger screen and battery I think you will be fine with the 44.
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    I think the 44 looks better to be honest. The 40 looks too small to me.
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    I think the 40 looks best but ultimately you have to decide. Did either one feel more comfortable?
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    I tried on the 44 in the Apple store just for fun (was getting my battery replaced in my phone), and side-by-side, it really didn't look any larger than my S3 42 that I love. I bought the watch for its utility, so I like being able to see it clearly.
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    I like the look of the 44 better myself, but then again I like big watches. The size is subtle, so you can't go wrong either way :)
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    I completely surprised my wife with a 40mm black SS for Christmas. When she put it on I ask her would she rather have the 44 mm like mine and without hesitation she said yes. She likes big watches.

    If you are having second thoughts you will always wish you had bought the 44mm. Exchange it while you can.
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    The size difference is subtle to me from looking at the pictures. Since the OP seems to be questioning whether she should go with the 44mm, I would exchange it since she is still within the return period.
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    I certainly don't want that! :(;)
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    Thanks guys for the feedback! I still haven't 100% decided but am leaning toward sticking with the 40 mm. I have a few more days to decide and may go into the apple store one more time to try on again.
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    I think you would have to be a Barbie for something as small as the watch to emphasize your body frame. Try one on each wrist and wear them in store for a while :)
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    Which one feels more comfortable? Comfort should be your number 1 need, as you’ll be wearing it all the time.

    They both look good but the 44mm isn’t as big as people think. It also has a bigger screen and battery for not much more than the 40mm.

    I initially got the 40mm because I thought the 44mm would be too big. I found the 40mm uncomfortable. It had too much space on my wrist to twist arround it, as I don’t like to have the watch too tight. Also I was between holes so I couldn’t get a satisfactory fit there too.

    So I returned it and got the 44mm. I haven’t looked back to be honest.
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    In mechanical watch language, the 44mm AW is a 44mm case: watch size = case length. Traditional round watches are often discussed by bezel diameter, which is really not the case size.

    A 44mm traditional watch case size is on the small side. Many traditional watches have case sizes at or over 50mm.

    AW watch straps that need adapters add to the case length, and could impact the watch fit. On the other hand, even the standard rubber strap has a little bow out, probably the same as the adapters.

    Net-net, the 44mm AW is smaller that a large % of traditional watches.
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