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Aug 9, 2008
Venice, ITALY
15 days ago apple released the new sport colour bands like yellow or blue...

at this time apple stores don't have yet them ready for pick up.. i mean not the single strap but the bundle watch + (new colour) strap

they sell you the old ones and they swap the band for you

also online if you order you will get old stock (like week 3 or 4 of 2016 production - it's last january)

i think they unwrap the watch, they change the band and they sell them with the new combination

this means something for me:

1-apple is plenty of watches, unsold
2- i never saw an apple watch production week later than the 8th week (end of february)
3-may be the production of the watch already stopped and apple is finishing the stock?
4- new apple watch at wwdc?

or maybe

5-nylon bands and new colours were already made and packed in january 2016 and presented on march 21

what do you think?


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Aug 18, 2009
Upstate NY


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Jun 10, 2015
I seriously doubt Apple is unwrapping and replacing watch bands on sealed product if that's what I understand you to be saying.

I gather they keep a pretty tight production schedule throughout the year to avoid a lot of excess inventory. Besides there is a staggered release date on products among the countries it sells in.


Jul 25, 2013
Looked up my serial number and the watch j bought yesterday was made in late February this year. Pretty recent production.


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May 30, 2010

4-6 weeks.... what does it mean? watch 2 at wwdc? :)

in europe stores multiple models are at 4-6 weeks... it seems it's not more in production.. and only clearing existing stock..
It's the bands that's constraining some models, not the watch.

I think the Sport Band manufacturing process is smaller-scale than you might expect. Some colours are heavily constrained (yellow in particular) and others are randomly unavailable (walnut for example). I don't think they have all colours coming off the production lines at once - I think there are shifts, so to speak. And consequently it is harder to respond to demand spikes.
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