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Watch will randomly lock itself


macrumors 6502
Original poster
Feb 12, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
My watch will randomly lock itself only when I wear it on my left wrist. I wear it pretty snug with any band that I am using (my daily go-tos are the classic leather one from Apple and I switch to a silicone band when I go to the gym). I don't understand why it only happens on my left wrist and not the right at all. I have wrist detection and unlock with iphone enabled and I have it set to left wrist orientation with the crown facing in (left side).
Anyone experience this ?

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
I tried using the lock function but dumped it after my watch locked several times. I do not and will not wear my AW4 tight, just enough for the sensor to work most the time.
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