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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by MartinAppleGuy, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. MartinAppleGuy macrumors 68020


    Sep 27, 2013

    I picked up Watch_Dogs a few days ago for the Playstation 3, and I must say I am loving it. It certainly doesn't feel like the definitive game (due to driving mechanics not being as good as other open world games) but the shooting, hacking, gameplay and story are great! For the fun Watch_Dogs missions (that give you feeling you thought you would have got when you first seen the game at E3) are a few hours in, but once you get there it really is amazing :) Just play stealthy though!

    Performance wise, I feel the PS3 version held up very well. Character models are almost on-par with the PS4 version (and are much better the GTA V on PS3). I have not noticed any slow downs or screen tearing (although I have seen a Youtube video that shown screen tearing on PS3, but that could have been because it was screen recorded). The game looks stunning, but a few objects (like tree's) do not look as good as GTA V on PS3. When it turns to night in game though, it really does look amazing on PS3!

    Overall, I feel that even though the game doesn't feel perfect, it is still amazing (and I do not regret paying full price for it, something I don't usually do with games).

    What do you all think of the game?
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    Aug 14, 2010
    Im not too far into it but ill give my opinion so far.

    At first the game appeared as being similar to GTA - with an open world, driving around, doing what you want type of game.

    When you delve into the game it has its own style that's really quite fun. The hacking is unique and has plenty of potential - I enjoy using cameras to look ahead to work out a best method to go about sneaking past people or finding ways to take them out with other hackable options. The shooting is great and taking a stealthy approach in missions is more challenging and fun than simply shooting everybody.

    I dont understand some areas of the game though, firstly the driving - I don't know if I'm just a bad driver but it definitely needs improving. Not being able to shoot out of a window while driving - fair enough its not GTA but surely this is something that we expect to be able to do in this type of game. For an open world game certain things feel restrictive.

    Cant comment too much but its fun up to now.
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    Sep 27, 2013
    As for the driving, it does get better. And just a little tip, don't turn the camera. If you keep your thumb off of the right thumb stick (i.e don;t move the camera in the car), the driving is much better. I had a habit of turning the camera when turning the car in GTA, and the affect it has on Watch_Dogs is not as good.
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    Mar 25, 2009
    I think the reviews that give WD an 8-8.9 are spot on. The game is a great new IP and building blocks for future games. Its really fun and you can easily get lost just walking around the city and watching the NPCs, plus you can also drop hours and hours in playing poker.

    here are some pros and cons


    The hacking is very fun and a great addition to this type of game.
    The AI is really great and the cops are pretty smart and the enemy Ai act like real humans, not like all seeing robots. So you can actually stealth pretty well.
    I have been to Chicago quite a few times and its pretty spot on, it does feel like a living breathing city.
    The GPS being on the road is a great addition so you can watch the road and not have to watch a dot on the map when driving. I can actual enjoy the beauty of the game.
    There is a ton of side missions to so it seems like the game will never get boring or tedious like most open world games if you rotate the different types of side missions.

    The driving is a little floaty and could be better. I do like the motorcycle the best to get around. It probably feels the best to drive.
    The controls are good but they are more like AC than GTA so that isn't the best for this kind of game. Its weird not having a melee or jump button. But I hope I get used to it. It doesnt ruin the game, it just makes it feel weird.
    Some missions are auto fail, which can be head scratching like of of the first missions i am chasing a car and the game thought he got too far away so I failed the mission even though I could still see his car in the distance.
    The main character suffers from Bales Batman voice which can get grating just like batmans voice, but that is more of a nitpick.

    This game isn't a disappointment at all. Most reviews seem to be in the 8 range and that is pretty accurate based on the two hours or so i have put into it.
    The game is a good foundation for future games.

    All they have to do is add more hacking options , fix up the driving and give us the ability to melee and jump. I also think the game looks great, sure its not as good as the 2012 E3 footage but I would rather they scale back the graphics and all in all this great AI living breathing city, than have pretty graphics and boring AI and a boring City.

    I was walking by this girl yelling at her bf how he hits her all the time, so he smacked her in the face. He started to walk for and I blew his head off. He won't touch her again, not on my watch. I had to evade the police after that but it was worth it. Once less batterer in the world ha


    The answer I have to people that ask about the not being able to shoot while driving, my answer to that is, well if you think about it Aiden has his phone in his hand at all times, so the other hand is on the steering wheel, he has no way of holding a gun, his phone to hack, and the steering wheel at the same time.

    The game wants you do use hacking when you are in your car and not your gun. That is the way I look at it anyways.

    Also for driving, the best tip I have is drive like you would in a driving game or real car, don't hold the petal all the way down, you want to lightly push down the gas and also use your hand break and even focus mode when taking corners.

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