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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Steve-Jobs, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Steve-Jobs, Sep 11, 2012
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    Oct 18, 2010
    Hi all,
    I sometimes watch online TV from my mac, especially the TV channels' own streaming live from their websites.
    I'm also thinking of buying an Apple TV. is there a way to watch these from the Apple TV?


    EDIT: Also Do I need to buy apple TV2 to JB? or is ATV3 is better?
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    Oct 18, 2010
    I just read an article about XBMC being installed to a Jb'd ATV2. I installed the XBMC into my imac and it works fine (I have mountain lion) Can I still be able to use airplay mirroring if I play the xbmc from my imac?
    or is it better to get ATV2 and just JB it?

  3. Set845, Sep 16, 2012
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    Jun 29, 2010
    Airplay mirroring will send (actually mirror) your Mac display to your TV screen and send (not mirror) audio to the TV. This means anything up on the Mac gets mirrored. You can use an ATV2 to mirror to but it will only output 720p, the ATV3 outputs 1080p. Yes you can JB the ATV2 and install XBMC on it and leave the MAC out of it, but as I said, you only get 720p.

    I have both ATV2 and ATV3. ATV2 is Jailbroke and running XBMC. I never Airplay to it because my TV is 65 inches and a 720p desktop looks bad on it. I use the ATV3 to Airplay my desktop. I also use it to stream (not Airplay) 1080p movies I have in iTunes. I stream to the ATV3 because I have found that Airplaying video actually drops frames and compresses the video (read no buffering). Airplay streaming (not mirroring) does not compress the video or drop frames (read it buffers in a portion to start the vid).

    With that said, and I could be wrong, you are probably better off with ATV2 and XBMC because there is not much 1080p content to be had on XBMC.
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    Oct 18, 2010
    Thanks for the reply. do you think a Jb will come soon for ATV3? I only want to watch online TV from mac to ATV I don't think there's much Hd going on in XBMC as it only streams from the channels websites.

  5. Set845 macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    I honestly couldn't, nor could anybody else, tell you when and if the ATV3 will be jailbroken. It's taking a very long time, if anybody is even working on it, which does not bode well. But what do I know? Only this, the ATV2 is jailbroken today and if you can find one at a reasonable price then you struck gold. Don't buy an ATV3 thinking a jailbreak is inevitable.

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