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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Cschaef13, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Has anyone experienced any problems updating their original apple watch to watchos3? I updated today, followed directions to a T, phone 100%, watch 100%, both plugged in, wifi and bluetooth both working. I got through downloading the update, preparing and then installing the update. I watched the circle go until about 98% complete, and then it restarted (i assumed the update was complete). I got the apple logo, and then a red exclamation point with the URL The instructions on the website say to send it in for service? Has anyone else experienced this, or have there been issues with WatchOS 3? I felt safe to update but now I am screwed.

    Any solutions, advice, or info on apple support is appreciated. I hope I dont have to pay to get this serviced if apples software bricked my watch

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    As far as I know there is nothing you can do when you get the Red Exclamation Point of Death. You have to send it in for repair.

    It would be pretty stupid of Apple to charge people money when their software fails to function in a proper way. Especially as Apple has intentionally made it impossible for the user to reinstall the software.
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    Watch is bricked. Exact thing happened to mine. Apple replaced my watch (black stainless) in 24 hours. I did have Applecare which takes care of the express fee and I guaranteed the advance replacement with my credit card. Friendly and prompt help. Call them
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    Sadly there isn't much you can do. If the force restart doesn't work, you'll have to send it in to Apple to have it replaced. If you are out of warranty don't be surprised if they try to get you to pay the out of warranty fee but make sure you check any laws in your country to see if you have any rights that may allow you to get a free replacement.

    Unfortunately Apple was more than happy to try and charge me the out of warranty fee for this exact issue for the previous update as apparently it falls under hardware even though their software caused it. Luckily kind members on here informed me of the Consumer Rights Law in my country and I was able to tell Apple and get the replacement free of charge.
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    Mar 17, 2015
    Just wanted to post an update. I went to the Genius Bar and after a 20 minute wait despite having an appointment I was greeted by a very friendly employee. I explained the situation and what happened and he setup to have my watch serviced free of charge. He did tell me that if they find a hardware issue they will contact me and ask if I want to pay the fee. Happy with my result and will be even happier to get my watch back in my hands to play with watchOS 3!

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