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Apr 12, 2001

With the release of watchOS 7, Apple has added a Battery Health feature to Apple Watch that's similar to the one found on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.3 and later.


In basic terms, Battery Health provides information about the state of the device's battery and includes an option called "Optimized Battery Charging," which is designed to extend the total battery life of your Apple Watch.

When enabled, Optimized Battery Charging learns from your personal device habits and waits to finish charging all the way up until you need your ‌Apple Watch.

For example, if you regularly charge up your watch at night while you're asleep, the device may opt to limit its charging to the 80 percent mark, and then wait for an hour or so before you wake up to charge the remaining 20 percent.

This keeps your watch at an optimal capacity for battery health by reducing the amount of time that it's sat on the charger at 100 percent charged, which can reduce its life over time.

Optimized charging is designed to activate only in locations where you spend the most time, such as your home and place of work. The feature doesn't turn on when your usage habits are more variable, such as when you travel.

To help Optimized Battery Charging identify situations where it shouldn't be used, turn on the following location settings in the Settings app on your Apple Watch:
  • Privacy -> Location Services -> Location Services
  • Privacy > Location Services > System Services > System Customization
  • Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations > Significant Locations
The location information for this feature remains on your watch and none of it is sent to Apple.

Optimized Battery Charging is enabled by default on an Apple Watch running watchOS 7. If you need your Apple Watch fully charged sooner than normal and you want to disable Optimized Battery Charging, follow these simple steps.
  1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to bring up the App View.
  2. Select the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down and select Battery.

    Scroll down and select Battery Health.
  4. Tap the switch next to Optimized Battery Charging to turn it to the grey OFF position.
  5. Tap Turn Off or Turn Off Until Tomorrow.
To re-enable Optimized Battery Charging on your Apple Watch at any time, simply repeat the above steps and toggle the switch to the green ON position.

Checking the Health of Your Apple Watch Battery

Notice that the Battery Health screen contains useful additional information about the status of your Apple Watch battery, which you can use to decide if it needs replacing.

Apple Watch Series 4 used daily since launch

The "Maximum Capacity" percentage gives you a measure of battery capacity compared to when your battery was brand new. If the maximum capacity percentage falls, you'll likely get less usage out of your Apple Watch between charges. In other words, it's an indicator of how your battery is performing overall and directly correlates with how long your ‌watch will last on a single charge.
Article Link: watchOS 7: How to Use Optimized Battery Charging on Apple Watch
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Oct 4, 2008
What would be good is the customisation to only charge to 80 or 90% period (as is recommended for electric cars). I'm never even close to running out of charge on my watch so I would rather forego 10% charge to prolong the battery life. I think this would be more effective that Apple's solution. (Same request for phones and Macs)


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Oct 31, 2016
Holy ****, ma watch has 87% of the original capacity and it's Series 5
Woah! Mines a series 5 which I’ve had since release. I wear it everyday, do loads of workouts on it and charge it nightly (although I charge it differently now I track my sleep) and mine’s 96%. I reckon you might have a dodgy battery.


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Jul 19, 2002
94% for my Series 5 which is about 6 months old. I can't see it charging me to anything under 100% as typically I end the day with about 10% left.


Jul 25, 2016
My 44mm Series 4 goes strong at 96% (bought November 2018). I think I can hold off upgrading for another year.

I kinda wish it was also clearer what I'd be upgrading into, if I was to do it. The Watch product page mashes together Series 6 updates, existing features (like ECG), WatchOS 7 features, the Series 4 design, and no real-life photography.


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Jul 10, 2010
100% series 3, but it's like 9 months old... I only really use it as a fitness tracker and am pretty careful about charging. (following the battery LinusTechTips video from a while back, saying it's best to charge ("graze" on power as he says) from 50% to 60% or 80% at most) He's kind of annoying but some of the advice and info from his channel is good.
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