watchOS3 beta testers: body-PRO Personal Trainer beta now available

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    If you have the watchOS3 beta installed than check out body-PRO to see some of the cool new features in watchOS3 like background processing, read aloud accessibility, swipe controls, background workout alerts and digital crown navigation. With watchOS3 you can now leave your iPhone in your locker and the Apple Watch App can record all of your workout and then sync the data back to your iPhone when you return to your locker.

    PLEASE NOTE THIS BETA REQUIRES iOS 10 and optionally watchOS 3 if you have an Apple Watch.

    Set Your Goals, Measure Your Progress, You Will Succeed!!!

    body-PRO Personal Trainer brings elite fitness tools to the iPhone and Apple Watch. From beginner to hard core, body-PRO is the ultimate strength training app designed specifically for fitness success.

    Gym Newbie
    Lots of beginner workouts to choose from, all with exercise instructions and animations that will guide you during your first steps towards your fitness goals.

    Improved Accessibility
    Prepare for and get into position for you next exercise while your Apple Watch or iPhone counts down and reads your next set information aloud to you.

    Workouts for Women
    Worried about bulking up or want to target a part of your body? body-PRO comes with workouts designed specifically for women.

    Hardcore Workouts
    You know what to do and how. body-PRO bring your workout up a notch with timing and intensity according to your desires and lets you do all your workout tracking on your Apple Watch so you can focus fully on your workout and not your iPhone.

    body-PRO gives you desktop power in a mobile app for iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. With over 15 years of development of health and fitness applications on mobile platforms we have taken our #1 fitness app and re-engineered it from the ground up specifically for iOS10, watchOS3 and re-coded in Swift 3. Additionally we have sweetened it will some amazing Apple Watch interoperability. Plan your workouts quickly and easily so that you spend less time entering data and more time enjoying life.

    Perfect for any level of fitness, body-PRO can help you with 300+ built-in exercise animations or you can easily add your own.

    Easy for Beginners
    - pop tips guide you
    - 30+ predefined workouts
    - 300+ exercise animations
    - enter data in either metric or imperial
    - quickly copy a single previous item from another day or an entire days exercises.
    - easily duplicate, move and delete any exercise
    - share any item for quick access later
    - quick increment/decrement
    - fast duplicate items

    Powerful Advanced Functions
    - rest timer to keep you on pace
    - reorder exercises at any time
    - add exercises at any time

    Motivational Cool Stuff
    - read aloud next exercise and rest count down
    - play workout music on iTunes App and reading will lower music when speaking
    - read aloud exercise instructions and tips
    - iMessage or email strength workouts, routines or exercises to friends
    - workout reminders and alarms

    Seamless Apple Watch Integration:
    - 300+ exercise animations available on Apple Watch
    - data changes on one device are updated on the other
    - do exercise edits on the Apple Watch
    - leave your iPhone in your locker and use just your Apple Watch to guide and record workout
    - create new workout on Watch without being connected to iPhone

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    This is exactly the type of workout app we have been missing!
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    The beta is still available for testing with most of the focus now on VoiceOver accessibility for the visually impaired.

    Just use the link:

    if you would like to participate in the beta.

    Thank you.

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