WatchPlayer - WiFi/Cellular Downloads NOW SUPER FAST!!!!!

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    Just a little service announcement! If you haven’t given WatchPlayer’s recent update a try - do!!! There is a new method implemented to download podcasts directly on the watch over WiFi or Cellular and it is freaking fast!!!! Just as fast as it would be on my iPhone!!! The playback interface is not the best, nor is the iPhone app for adding your feeds, but the app now manages to download podcasts and acts as a standalone client once you sync over your feeds from the iPhone.

    This also gives me great hope that other devs can create killer podcast apps that don’t need an iPhone to beam over the audio.

    Link to the app:
    Watch Player by Peter Knapp
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    Here’s a link to a video showing this off - even big podcasts like Accidental Tech Podcast downloads to the watch in about 30 to 50 seconds!!!

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    This app keeps getting better and better you can now search the Apple Podcast directory right on the watch to add new feeds, making it the first stand-alone podcast app for the watch!!
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    Just purchased the app, hadn't had much time to put it through its paces but looks promising!

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