Water Damage...almost fixed but need some help

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by jburnham, Aug 25, 2009.

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    So last night my 1 year old decided to see how my iphone would hold up to a toilet dunking...thank goodness for children. I was able to take it apart and dry it out. I blow dried it this morning and everything seemed alright. I reassembled everything and thought that I was a champ when everything worked; screen, accereometer, speakerphone, radio...etc). The screen looked a little funky and so I thought that I would be a superchamp and see if I could take it down and clean it up. I took it apart again only to find I would likely have to buy a new LCD if I wanted it to look good as new (which I went on ebay and did). However, when I put it back together I found the following NOT working:

    1. Vibration function.
    2. Earpiece. I can talk and be heard but can't hear what everyone else is saying. The speakerphone works fine.

    I've looked at schematics but can't seem to figure out if these 2 problems are related and how I might be able to fix them.

    Anyone have any experience here? I seem to have read something about the #3 connector needing to be replaced but the schematic (http://www.gsmindia.in/forum/showthread.php?t=31982) that this is for a proximity sensor.

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    the ribbon cable that goes to connector 3 does ear piece audio, ambient light sensor and infra red emitter / receiver. It's quiet common for the end of the ribbon to suffer corrosion (even without a dunking) resulting in loss of one or more of the above mentioned. Have a look on ebay and search for "iPhone light flex" they are quiet common and very cheap. Take a close look at the end of the ribbon on the one you have, preferably with some high magnification, I actually repaired the of the one I have with silver conductive paint while I waited for a replacement to arrive, I did use a X40 microscope though and it wasn't easy !!



    P.S Make sure you give the connector a good clean out with soft brush and some IPA (isopropranol alcohol)

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