Water damage and now boot screen appears with text, pic attached

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    I'm posting this on behalf of my grandpa. He dropped his iPhone 5 into the toilet and immediately pulled it out and took it to the Apple Store. He was advised to take it home and put in a bag of rice. After 3 days of sitting in rice he took it out and turned the power back on. The phone will power on but gets stuck or "hung up" on the boot screen. The weird part is that all this text appears and I can't make heads or tails out of it. It doesn't appear all at once, but keeps getting stuck on the last line of text. My guess is that the phone can't be saved but I thought I would post a pic of the boot screen and see if anyone else has seen this or has any suggestions. I have tried multiple resets and the same thing happens every time. I have also tried connecting it to my computer but can't get itunes to recognize it.

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    That looks like storage errors to me. Maybe a couple of restarts would help, or maybe not. Maybe it's not dry enough yet (it probably isn't)
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    It's booting in verbose mode and/or panicking due to a hardware defect (looks like flash chips to me).

    Only option at this point is an OOW replacement.
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    Yep, its done.
    Pay the $229 replacement fee if he didn't have applecare plus on it.
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