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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JPT, Aug 8, 2010.

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    So.... A few days ago, I accidentally dropped my 3GS 16GB in water... I left it in dry rice for about 3 or so days and turned it on. It still works, but it seems when I am on battery mode it likes to shut down completely. Usually when it starts to shut down it gets faster every time and eventually won't even start. It almost seems like it's a power/battery problem as it just outright shuts down. It will typically shut down after I do something, for instance if I load up iBooks or a book in iBooks... Or even while using TextFree.

    Before spending $20+ on a hunch at iFixit for a new battery, I figured I'd see if anyone more knowledgeable could further pinpoint the problem? Also, would I be able to bring it into an Apple Store to have them check it out? If I can, will it cost?

    Oh, and just a suggestion: Don't drop your electronics in water... It's not fun :p
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    It has water sensors, so apple will detect it was soaked in water.
    iFixit is the way to go to disassembling it and drying it, but I believe that if there is some damage there is nothing else to do about it, unless you replace what is defective.
    Apple can sell you a replacement for ~$200 I think, not sure about the price with the iPhone 4, but there is a special price for replacing damaged phones (if the Genius doesn't offer it ask for the manager).

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