Water damaged 3g ressurected but now has wifi and camera problem

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    Dec 11, 2010
    Ok I've looked at a few water damaged posts on here and noticed most of them are asking about the indicators and warranties..... Lets just kick things off with yes I know the sensors are red (i've opened it up) and i have no intention of trying to claim off insurance, warranty is well expired.

    So in July I had the bright idea of washing my car in a thunderstorm using a sponge and soap directly onto the sponge (which worked great) I had my Iphone 3g in my pocket and my jacket is waterproof, should be no problems then right?

    What i didn't consider was the water running down my arm, up my sleeve and down the inside of my jacket to the pocket. When I came inside I was soaked and i got my Iphone out of my pocket straight away and it had a white screen. I panicked, switched it off, stuck it in a sock and put it in my dri buddy (clothes dryer made by JML) and put it on for about 10 - 15 mins.
    Stupidly (still in a panic) I switched it on, I had the black screen with the apple logo though no backlight so I switched it off and returned it to the dryer.
    Another 10 - 15 mins pass and I checked it again.... NOTHING!!! so then I really panicked!!! I took off the screen, dabbed it all with toilet roll then put both halves in socks and put them back in the dryer for 10 - 15 mins, then I put it all back together... DEAD!

    So periodically in hopes of a miracle I plugged it in hoping for some signs of life like something appearing on the screen or the computer recognising it, well alas... IT DID!!!!
    First the computer chimed then I noticed some black lines on the screen, I checked ITunes and it was showing up as my 3g, so I tried the silence feature which worked so I thought i'd try swiping to unlock which worked but still nothing on the screen. I managed to turn it off and once again removed the screen. Made sure the cables were connected properly and closed it up then switched it on.... IT'S A MIRACLE!! it worked!!

    So after some time charging and syncing I noticed that the wifi now has limited connectivity and the camera doesn't work, I can only pick up my wifi if i'm right next to it and once i'm connected i can move about 5ft from it and it still works for about 10 minutes.
    So what i'd like to know is....
    Is it possible the wifi problem will resolve itself considering it has some connectivity??
    If not then how do I fix it? (I am reasonably technically minded and can do the repair myself)
    And is the camera function likely to work again if i buy a replacement camera piece??
    Thanks for your help
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    You could piece meal fix this stuff and still have the problems. There are too many variables. Live with it or pay $199 for a OOW replacement or sell it on eBay as damaged for parts.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    errr what is an oow replacement please Aggie?
    Out Of Warranty???
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