Water Damaged iPhone 3Gs LCD won't turn on.

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    Alright so to start out, my friend got her iPhone 3Gs wet (not like a drip, :( fully submerged) and so she gave it to me; as she got a new one. First thing I did after receiving the iPhone was completely disassemble it and dry/clean each and every part of the phone. Once reassembled, I tested the iPhone, nothing happened, so I decided to plug it into iTunes to see if iTunes would recognize it. It did :D so this lead me to believe the LCD and digitizer were bad. I tested the iPhone once again before buying replacement parts, and when it was on and connected to iTunes I was able to "Slide to Unlock" (I know because I heard it click). So I know the digitizer was still functional so I bought a new 3Gs LCD. Once I replaced the LCD it still didn't work, so i did a little more examining and noticed that the receiving end of the cable(red box on attached picture) was a little damaged (I wouldn't think enough to render it useless)

    Is there anything I can do to this to make the LCD work? without buying a new logic board?

    **** I will attach a High Res Photo of the actual damaged part as soon as I can****

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    Aug 1, 2010
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    sometimes you need to do a hard restart to get the lcd to work. to do this hold the power button and the home button down at the same time until you see the apple logo. this may take 30 seconds at times to get it to work.

    when you got the phone you should have put all of the parts (taken apart) and put in a bag of rice for several days to make sure all moisture is gone. then clean each part with a contact cleaner or alcohol if you dont have it. but the damage on the lcd pin could definately cause your lcd not to work.
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    If the LCD connector is damaged, it is often 'game over'. Have seen it many times. It gets corroded particularly around the power supply connections. But there is always hope but once corroded, probably the only way around it is to change it. I am going to tool up some day soon to do this, but the microscope and desoldering equipment is very expensive.


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    Thanx for the replies, I have tried doing a hard reset to no avail, so it looks like I will be selling this iPhone as Water Damaged on eBay. Darn :( ; I guess I was hoping for a magical fix I knew didn't exist.
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