Water-damaged iPhone Solutions

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    Have u ever dropping an iPhone into a toilet, or probably spilling a glass of water over the device? While liquid exposure isn't covered under your iPhone warranty, it is not always fatal for your iPhone.
    Most users attempt to turn the phone on immediately to see whether it works. Do not do this!
    Turning on a wet iPhone will cause it to short-circuit, and there's no cure for an iPhone that has short-circuited

    You need to remove your iPhone from the water quickly first. Turn the phone off to prevent the short circuit.

    Try to absorb as much of the water as possible with a towel, or use a blow dryer set on low heat and dry the iPhone frequently for one to two hours, if possible:)
    oh, I've also heard that a bag of uncooked rice would help.

    Take your iPhone to an Apple Store or provider's store and ask someone to remove the back of the iPhone, the battery and SIM card. Taking the back off the phone will also help the inside dry better.:eek:

    Anyway, Apple's warranty doesn't cover liquid damage, they may give you a discount on a new iPhone or fix it for a reduced price.

    It would better to purchase a waterproof case to avoid future accidents if you're frequently near water with your iPhone.:)
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    We really need another thread about this? NO.

    You new guys need to read the existing threads - there are dozens about this problem.

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