Water Damaged IPod Touch- what are my chances?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by RobinHood5, May 24, 2012.

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    So, about 8-9 monts ago I gave my grandmother my old iPod touch 3G 32gb. Well, she has adored it and loved it every day she's had it and has too much fun playing angry birds and reading books on it. She's really caught on to it and her and one of her older friends play farkle on it all the time!

    Well, yesterday, being 73 she left it in her enormous flower garden on a table. (it's all taken care of by her my sister and myself, she's not rich) My sister and I have both done this before also, no big deal. I went down to fetch it and find it covered in water. On this occasion she was watering by the table and had turned on the sprinkler as she left. I went to turn the power completely off but the touch screen wouldn't respond. The buttons still worked but not the touch sensitivity. The screen then fuzzed out and that was the last we saw from it. I told her to put in a bowl of rice to try to get the water absorbed but several hours later it still diddnt work. R.I.P iPod.... Or so we thought.

    Well, this morning I went down there and decided to plug it in and what do you know, it turned on! The LCD was clearly water damaged with big splotches. The touch still diddnt work but it booted up to lock screen. Well, I've decided I am going to try replacing the LCD. I opened it up today and it dosent look that hard, I already have the LCD out and a new one ordered. also the battery has never been the greatest (it was two years old when I gave it to her) so I decided that I'd pop a new one in there while I was at it.

    I accidentally broke a couple clips from the front glass So I am replacing it as well. I actually found a listing from a big seller for a LCD, front glass and battery with tools for only $26. I'm going on vacation next wednsday and wouldn't be able to get it till I got back with the standard shipping so she wanted it 1 day express shipped. Another $20. She loves her iPod. The crazy thing is, she's had a nook but diddnt like it and took it back.

    So, what are my chances, will it live? She has been Really hard on herself for it and I really want this to work again so she dosent have to spend $250-$300 for a new one . Any tips? Advice for fixing a water damaged iPod?
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    Well, I would have let it sit for 4-5 days before trying to turn it on, but you may be okay. Who knows with water damage? Water itself will evaporate, but other minerals in the water may have an adverse affect on the electronics over time. Any chance fertilizers and/or pesticides were in the iPod "bath" water?

    If it works after replacing the LCD and battery, consider yourself lucky and appreciate every day's use you get out of it. Sounds like your grandmother will.

    If I was fortunate enough for my grandmother to still be living, I would never refer to her as an "old dog" joking or otherwise.
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    Well, It diddnt occur to me how the "old dog" thing might be taken. I meant it with good intentions, that even an older lady (who happened to manage mainframe computers for a major power company for 20 years) can still learn to use new devices. I did not mean it with any pun intended.

    As for the water, it's pure. No pesticides in that garden and she was just watering. It comes straight from the well, although that does mean it has more minerals.

    The first thing I tried to do was turn it OFF completely. That's what I've always heard and when I looked around other places it was confirmed, the first instruction is turn the device off.

    I'm gonna try it, even if it never wakes up,again I got good experience taking an iPod touch apart. :)

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