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    Was doing yard work today and afterwards my watch had an incoming call. Could not answer and watch screen was frozen. Tried to reset, but wouldn't. I noticed a blue water droplet icon at top center of watch face. Somehow I got it to tell me to hold down crown, I think, and roll crown to eject water. I did that and all is fine. I believe it said at end, "water ejected".

    At first I wondered how would anyone run with the watch having water issues from sweat. I had done yard work numerous times before. Then I remembered I had run water from a hose over my lower arms to remove grass/mulch debris from running a trimmer. Forgot I had the watch on when I did that.

    Have never read about that feature. It is gimmick, as noticed no actual water "being ejected". At least the watch is ok now.

    Anyone have this happen?
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    You accidentally slid the control panel up and activated water mode (the water droplet icon below mute, next to theater mode). I’ve had this happen a couple times when snow got under my sleeve and the wet fabric interacted with the watch’s capacitive touch screen. Exiting water mode by turning the crown plays a sound to shake water off the speaker membrane. It’s more than a gimmick. It’s gets the salts and stuff in the water away from the membrane before the water evaporates, so it doesn’t gunk up the speaker. Water mode is mostly to turn off the screen while you’re wet, so you’re not inadvertently “touching” the screen. I remember skiing with my series 0 that didn’t have water mode. At the end of the day, my watch rubbing against my sleeve sent dozens of gibberish text messages to my friends.
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    The water droplet had to be on the outside of the watch as even a single drop would have ruined the OLED screen.

    Like ebika said the water ejection tool only removed water from the external speaker.
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    Thanks for the info guys. Always good to learn something new----

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