Water on iPhone 3GS screen..

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jare, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I was wondering if this would cause water damage/trip the sensors.

    I recently installed a screen protector on my iPhone 3GS, which sat in my drawer and had some dirt on it. I washed the screen protector in just tap water, using my hands to clean off all the dirt and make sure it was spotless.

    After wiping down my iPhone 3GS with a microfiber cloth and letting the screen protector dry a bit, there was still some water left on the protector when I installed it on my screen. (The phone was turned off). I used a soft card to push out the water and wiped it away as I saw it (there was very little).

    To sum it up, there was one droplet that got near the home button and I noticed it kinda got in there a little, nothing severe and was wiped away instantly.

    Could any of this cause water damage? The protector was still somewhat wet when installed.

    FYI: Install went perfect, aligned no problem and no bubbles. Just a bit concerned that since it's damp and sitting on the screen that it might cause an issue?
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