Water sensor dots pink in the sun?

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    **Disclaimer: I did my MRoogle search first and didn't find quite the answer I was looking for thus I am posting this question**

    I just happened to really look at my phone with the screen off in the sun today and I noticed what I assume to be the water sensor dots near the headphone jack. There were three. 2 stacked on top of each other and another one a little over to the left.

    In the sun the dots looked pink - indicating water damage. My phone has NEVER been exposed to water and I don't live in a humid area nor keep it in a humid place such as a gym locker, shower, etc. My question is - can you actually tell the color of the dots without taking apart the phone? Is it possible that the dots looked pink because of the sun reflection? I just want to make sure that my warranty isn't somehow voided because of the dots turning pink.
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    There are two proximity sensors and one ambient light sensor there...that's what you're seeing.
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    thank you! It was sort of freaking me out at first so I'm glad to know that my warranty hasn't been voided somehow! :D
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    Is one not the gps sensor?
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    GPS sensor?

    GPS uses an internal antenna.

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