Water spilled on iPhone, only runs when plugged in?


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Mar 17, 2004
So, on Tuesday, my mother spilled a glass of water on her 1st-gen iPhone. :(

She immediately toyed with it, trying to turn it back on. By someone's suggestion, she put it in a plastic bag of rice. After a little time, she was able to call me, but the phone died while she was talking to me. I told her to turn it off and put it in the bag overnight.

Here's the current condition of the phone. If you turn it on, the Apple logo appears, but after a few seconds, the phone will turn off, then back on again, on its own, in an infinite loop.

However, if I plug it in to power, it work just fine. I was able to hook it up to my mother's MacBook Pro and sync it, backing up her current contacts.

The device is jailbroken (we use T-Mobile).

Any thoughts? Is it beyond salvation, or could the issue perhaps be battery-related?