Waterfield Designs Smart Case for iPad 2 w/Smartcover Review

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    Hello all. Last Friday I received my Waterfield Designs Smart Case for my iPad 2 to be used with the Smartcover. It's a very simple product with an extraordinary amount of thought and quality put in to it.

    When iPad 2 came out, I was VERY happy Apple introduced the Smartcover with it as I felt that was a HUGE thing missing with the original iPad. I had the Apple cover for the iPad, but didn't like the bulk it added. I liked the multiple positions it's cover allowed, but I didn't like that the cover didn't stay closed when you wanted to protect the screen. iPad had replaced my Sony Reader which had some great cover designs for screen protection, and I have been missing that piece, so I was excited that I could accomplish that same level of protection with my iPad 2.

    The nice thing about the Smartcover VS the old iPad Apple case is you could now look at the sleekness and form of such an attractive device. The not so nice thing is it leaves it vulnerable to dings, marks, scratches, and dents. This left me looking for something close to what I had with my old Sony Reader, a simple pouch that would offer protection, but not bulk it up.

    Waterfield or incase are my go to companies when it comes to protecting my Apple products. I use the incase snap for my iPhone. The Protective Sleeve Deluxe for my Macbook Pro, and keep all my gadgets in a Muzetto Bag by Waterfield Designs. For my iPad 1 I kept that in a Waterfield Designs Ultimate Sleevecase, review HERE , and I use a Waterfield Designs Keyboard Socket for when I travel with my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.

    The Smart Case isn't a new product by Waterfield. I saw it when I was looking for a pouch for my first iPad, I just preferred a velcro closure of the Sleevecase at that time. This time I was looking for something more compact and slimmer for easy ability to travel with the Macbook AND the iPad 2. The Smart Case fit precisely what I was looking for.

    It arrived in a US Postal Service plastic bag, opening that up gave a clear plastic bag with the Waterfield paperwork and tag. I opened the clear bag and pulled out my Smart Case and found myself very happy with my purchase. There is a certain quality Waterfield Designs offers in their products that makes me really appreciate what they put into it before offering it for sale. They really pay attention to detail, and looking at, and handling their products you really cannot miss the quality and craftsmanship. I attached photos but they cannot do any justice like handling it in person does. They aren't cheap....but they aren't made cheap either.

    The first thing I noticed when pulling it out of that bag was how attractive it is. It compliments the iPad. It's got a VERY durable padded nylon on the front and back. The padding is protective, but it isn't bulky. They offer the nylon in 6 different color choices. Along the sides is a stiff brushed brown leather that holds its form nicely to keep the fit and form. There is a black pocket on the back that stretches so you can put something in there, and when you remove the item, the pocket snaps right back to it's form nice and tight to the case. The stitching on the bottom gives no worry of coming apart under any circumstances. There is also a nice brown piece of leather sewn into the nylon on the bottom to hold and easily remove the iPad from the case. The inside is lined with microfiber. It keeps your investment from scratching when putting it in and taking it out. Waterfield left 2 inches at the very top on the sides open. This makes it easy to grap your iPad to remove it from the case, and you don't have to dig in to the case to grab for it. They fit these cases perfectly for your iPad There is no fear that the iPad could slip or fall out. You can hold this case upside down and it will not go anywhere unless you grab it to remove it.

    I have really appreciated the service I have gotten from Waterfield since I began buying from them. They answer emails promptly, always polite and helpful, they are all about the customer which is why I will remain a repeat customer.

    I hope you enjoyed my little writeup, I wish I could throw a con or 2 in there, but there really isn't one to be found. This case is exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for a case that is formitting and a great looking accessory for carrying your iPad around, this is what you are looking for if you have a couple extra dollars to spend. they could be found at www.sfbags.com look in the section for iPads. They also make one of these for the iPhone.

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    I bought my Waterford case right out of their warehouse in San Francisco. They don't normally sell from that location, but they did for me. I bought the Ultimate Case for an iPad 1 that I never bought, but now I use it for my iPad 2 and I really like it!

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