Waterfield Muzetto + lunch ?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by BossHogg, Oct 25, 2010.

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    So I've read many a post on the Muzetto since the iPad launch and had finally decided to pull the trigger. But....I've struggled to find much mention about using the iPad in a 10" Portable vs. 13" Laptop versions.

    Let me tell you my situation.....I'm a long distance, daily commuter. Many of you know the drill.....car, bus, walk to the desk. Heck....that is why my MacBook is now sitting at home on my desk and my iPad is with me since April. So I carry my iPad in either the Waterfield sleeve case or in the Exo case, one of the super small umbrellas, two gear pouches (5x4) with keys, etc, iPhone, work Blackberry and some lunch (the usual - sandwich, banana, etc).

    My hunch is that I'll need to go with the 13" Muzetto.....but it's just a hunch and reading / watching nearly every review on the Muzetto out there to try and see if my gear would over stuff the 10". Obviously the 13" would fit, but I'd hate to carry around a pillowcase around all day with lots of stuff on the bottom and the whole top all empty.

    I've used a Timbuk2 (small classic) and Waterfield Cargo (small) over the years. Both were a bit more than I needed - maybe 70% full with the stuff I mention above.

    Thanks for any assistance !
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    You could always order both and return the one you like less.

    The Waterfield bags are awesome. I use the Cozmo for my MBP15, iPad, etc.

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